the question is who will pay for them

Twitter has launched its Twitter Blue service, although at the moment it is only in Canada and Australia. His Price is $ 2.99 (US) per month, which translates to 2.47 euros, a figure that we had already advanced a few days ago. This stands out for being the first service in the history of this social platform that is paid.

Now the question is whether this subscription will serve to solve the typical basic problems that a user encounters when using Twitter and that it seems that they may have a simple technical solution. Here you will find a list of the benefits that Twitter Blue will offer its subscribers.

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Functions that Twitter Blue has

  • Favorite folders or Bookmark Folders. The favorites folders allow you to organize the tweets that you have saved, being able to manage the content so that, when necessary, it is faster and easier to find.

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  • Undo a tweet. Twitter Blue introduces the option to undo a tweet. The platform offers you a preview of your publication before making it public. With the Undo Tweet feature, you can set a customizable timer of up to 30 seconds to click "Undo" before the tweet, reply, or thread you sent is posted to your profile. The long-awaited function of editing (for years) does not come even paying.

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  • Reader mode. To read long threads, Blue offers a more visually pleasing format, so that it displays them as normal text where you see the content, but not all the icons that we now see.

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  • Customizable icons and colors. Subscribers will have access to customizable icons for their device's home screen and color themes for their Twitter app.

  • Customer Support. Those who pay for Twitter Blue will have access to a special customer service, but the company has not given more specific information about it.

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