the novelty that is already reaching users

To fast walk or perform light gait, it is recommended to take about 100 steps per minute so that the practice of this physical activity is carried out with a moderate intensity. To follow that rhythm, it will now be easier thanks to Google fit.

One of the two leaked news from Google fit it has already started to reach the first users. In its version 2.57, an update that began to reach users yesterday, is gradually activating the new paced walks.

Paced walks

Google Fit Walk To The Rhythm

Now Google fit will help you follow the rythm of your daily walks thanks to metronome which integrated the application for tracking activity and health of Google.

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A new card titled "Walk at the pace you choose" allows us try rhythmic walks. After three welcome screens it will allow us to adjust the target pace of our walk. By default it is set to 100 steps per minute, but by pressing the buttons we can reduce or increase the rhythm. The minimum will be 60 steps per minute and the maximum 160 steps per minute.

Google Fit Walk To The Rhythm

It also allows us to choose the type of activity, since although this feature is designed for walking, it is also used for other exercises, such as running, elliptical or jumping rope. In the following video we can see how this Google Fit metronome sounds:

The walk with rhythm too will save our activity to show us the activity time, the cardio points, the steps taken, the distance traveled, calories burned and active minutes.

It is expected that over the next few days the pace of Google Fit will reach all users. Normally Google usually takes a couple of weeks to activate a new feature.

Google Fit: activity and health tracking

Google Fit: activity and health tracking

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