The Honor 50 now spotted live and even on video… Is it you, Huawei?

With a reasonable resemblance to the leaked Huawei P50s, the new Honor 50s are already shown in live images with a spectacular and very striking finish.

Trying to handle the hype media around them, now that they no longer belong to Huawei, the truth is that it has been weeks Honor is showing us details of its new and promising Honor 50 so that we get to know a design that, indeed, is not only striking but is very reminiscent of the Huawei P50 that are yet to come.

We do not know if Honor had advanced the design of these devices before the spin-off of its parent Huawei and the subsequent sale, but the truth is that at first glance we can say that the Honor 50 will be a kind of version of the Huawei P50 but in its case with Google Play services. In fact, it is that from China we already have live images and some video of the Honor 50 with which to reaffirm the reasonable resemblance.

Honor 50

This is how the back of the Honor 50 looks in its four shades: black, green, pink and silver

Obviously the information comes from Weibo, a popular social network that has become the largest incubator for leaks in China, where we have been able to see the design of a striking rear, very attractive in four colors, although without revealing all the secrets of some finishes that agree with what has been seen above.

Huawei's strength is still evident and a lot in the design of the Honor 50, although it is likely that they are the last Honor terminals with reminiscences of its past within the Shenzhen giant.

The design of the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro is filtered in images

We must recognize that there has been various aspects of filtration about these Honor 50, with slight differences between them but all agreeing perfectly with this design of a shiny back where the two oversized circles stand out for cameras.

This time we see that it is incorporated a larger main chamber in the upper circle, accompanied by three other sensors next to their LED flashes and other elements of the photographic system, which go directly to the lower circle. In other renderings, two sensors with a periscope telephoto lens had been noticed, so it seems to confirm that there could be several models of the Honor 50 with some version 'Pro' raise the level of mobile photography even further.

The truth is that the bet seems similar to that of Huawei with its P50, although in this case without Leica dressings and adding a Google Play certification with integrated services that Huawei terminals will not have.

We could be like this before the last terminal that Honor inherits, at least in part, from the Shenzhen giant, since everything points to these devices they were already at the design table when Honor separated from the Huawei parent company, keeping them on its roadmap for this course 2021.

Honor 50, leaked photo gallery

Honor 50, leaked

As for hardware, report speculation yet, that they talk about a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chipset with 6 nanometer technology, cameras up to 108 megapixels and a model premium with Snapdragon 888 chipset that he would play in the league of the flagship killers.

For now, little more to say, just confirm that we will not have to wait long to meet them officially, well These Honor 50 will be presented in China on June 16, in just a week ... Stay tuned!

The new Honor phones will have Google apps installed

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