the European COVID passport is here

The European Union Digital COVID Certificate, also known as COVID passport or digital green certificate, aims to facilitate the safe free movement of citizens of community countries during the COVID-19 pandemic. And in Spain you can already request.

As of July 1, any citizen should be able to request it, but some countries have anticipated the deadline and Spain is among them, so From this June 7 it is possible to obtain it and use it when traveling through the European Union without limitations.

The EU COVID Digital Certificate aimed at facilitating the safe free movement of citizens in the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic, can now be requested in Spain

We explain how to apply for the EU Digital COVID Certificate online that will accredit you as a person who has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has recovered from the disease or has a negative test performed in the last 48 hours in the case of antigen tests or in the last 72 hours in the case of PCRs.

Where to get the EU COVID passport in Spain?

EU COVID passport on mobile

The national authorities of the Member States are responsible for issuing the certificate, as established by the European Commission. In Spain, it is issued by the autonomous communities, since competences in health matters are transferred, although additionally the Ministry of Health is also doing it in electronic format, which we can easily get online.

To get it, We must have a digital certificate or permanent Cl @ ve and Cl @ ve Signature or the Self-signature program. In addition, you must know that Health issues this certificate in the cases of vaccinated people in Spain and people who have overcome the disease and can demonstrate it with a PCR with a positive result of more than 11 days ago.

With everything you need checked, we only need to access the website of the Ministry of Health and then to the process Application for the EU COVID Digital Certificate of its electronic headquarters. Once here, we can see the two identification options: Certificate access or Access through Cl @ ve.

The certificate is, in addition to being simple, reliable and free, safe: personal data is not transmitted

When do I get vaccinated? This Government website has all the official information on vaccination against the coronavirus

Once identified, The ministerial website will ask us for different data to validate that we meet the necessary requirements to obtain the so-called digital green certificate. As we have been explaining in recent weeks, this document contains a QR code in both its paper and electronic versions, which we can store on a mobile device, which protects it against forgery and ensures its validity.

This code contains a digital signature that links it to the issuing authority and allows it to be verified from any EU country. To this end, the European Commission has created a portal through which these signatures can be verified. The certificate is, in addition to being simple, reliable and free, safe. The personal data of the certificate holder is not transmitted and is not necessary for the verification of the digital signature.

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