that's how easy stolen cookies were used to get to the FIFA 21 code

The group of hackers that stole a large amount of data from Electronic Arts or EA, one of the most important video game developers in the world, Gained access to systems by tricking an employee through the Slack communication tool. As Motherboard has discovered, the hackers sent a login token to an EA worker and he opened the link.

Hackers who carried out the attack have said have in your hands information as valuable as the source code of 'FIFA 21' and the code of its serversas well as the source code and tools for the Frostbite engine, which powers games like Battlefield or FIFA 21, and on which many of the company's other games are based, according to Vice.

A representative of these hackers told Motherboard that the process began by buying from stolen cookies that were sold online for $ 10. They used them to gain access to a Slack channel through which EA workers communicate.

How those cookies came to steal EA's source code

Cookies can save the login details of certain users and potentially allow hackers to log into services as if they were that person. In this case, hackers were able to break into EA's Slack using the stolen cookie. The attackers, as they themselves described, requested a multi-factor authentication token from EA IT support to access the corporate network of the company.

Once inside the EA network, hackers found a service for EA developers to compile games. They created a virtual machine and with this they accessed another service and downloaded the source code of the games.

The representative of the hackers was taking and sharing screenshots to Corroborate the various steps of the hack, including the Slack chats themselves, according to the information provided by a representative of the group. "Once inside the chat we sent a message to the company's IT support and we claimed that we lost the phone at a party last night," he added.

What information was stolen


In its previous statement, EA said: "We are investigating a recent intrusion incident on our network where a limited amount of source code for the game and related tools was stolen." They say that player data has not been accessed and the company says that "we have no reason to believe that there is any risk to the privacy of the players".

What are cookies, what types are there and what happens if you deactivate them

The hacker's representative also provided Motherboard with a series of documents that they say were stolen as part of the hack. Include material on PlayStation VR and its Artificial Intelligence tools in games like FIFA 21.

From Genbeta we have contacted EA for more details and we will update if we receive a response.

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