Thanks to MagSafe, a man was able to fish his iPhone 12 Pro from the bottom of a canal

The MagSafe not only serves to charge the mobile, but also to "fish" it.

The imagination of the human being has no limits and if not they tell this owner of Apple products who has had to use all his ingenuity to be able to recover a brand new iPhone 12.

As many of you know well, One of the most interesting features of the new Apple terminal is its compatibility with the MagSafe, a small magnet placed on the back of the new iPhone 12 that in addition to allowing wireless charging in these, also serves to attach other accessories such as magnetic covers and that we would honestly love to see it on an Android terminal.

Well, this user from Berlin (Germany) used the technology offered by the MagSafe to save an iPhone 12 from an inevitable death. The way he did it, really curious.

Use the MagSafe to recover an expensive iPhone 12

Xiaomi Fishing Rod

As if it were a fishing rod, this user has saved an iPhone 12 thanks to MagSafe

The MagSafe was not designed for this. Designed by Apple to connect accessories to the iPhone such as wireless chargersWe never would have guessed that it could be used to get it out of a little muddy.

When the friend of our protagonist dropped his iPhone in a muddy channel, it seemed that all was lost. However and like that user who recovered their AirPods from the train tracks, the imagination triumphs again in any situation.

As we read in GizmoChina, using MagSafe technology, it was possible to create a kind of improvised fishing rod with which to rescue the Apple device.

The story on Twitter has gone completely viral and it is that for more abundance, the terminal was still fully operational hours after being submerged in the mud, showing that the iPhone 12 does have a high resistance to water.

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