take your robot vacuum cleaner at the best price and you enjoy your time

Roborock sells what are surely the most intelligent robot vacuum cleaners and integrable with your smartphone, and now the Roborock S7 and Roborock S5 Max can be yours ... for much less than you expect!

Founded in Beijing in 2014, the truth is that Roborock has not stopped growing since birth, always with the idea of ​​developing products that make our daily life more comfortable And simple. Perhaps for this reason, the Chinese manufacturer has specialized in what are already the stars of any digital home, vacuum robots, also with a DNA in which they are mixed functionality, minimalism and quality in equal parts.

It is not by chance therefore that The Roborock are probably the most wanted cleaning robots of the industry, since forgetting about tangles based on intricate designs or excessive and confusing bragging, their devices boast of The best value for money without losing an efficient LiDAR navigation, the most advanced connectivity that has always characterized them and, already in their latest model, a sonic scrub system which is unique in the market.

The smartest robot vacuum cleaners, closer than ever with Roborock sales.

With these premises, it is easy to ensure that if any robot vacuum cleaner would undoubtedly become your best ally at home, getting a Roborock will allow you have your time again, or at least the one you dedicated to daily cleaning, because this task you can delegate at a stroke to a complete and reliable device, capable of vacuuming and scrubbing all your surfaces with the greatest diligence and in the most neglected way possible.

And if the Roborock are certainly the most complete cleaning robots in their price range, it will surely be difficult to find. a better time to buy at the best price some of the cleaning devices in the Chinese manufacturer's catalog, which will bring you closer than ever to both the Roborock S7 and the Roborock S5 Max in these first summer sales, so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest in the summer season that has just started.

So are the sales of this summer 2021 of Roborock

Roborock S7: the most advanced in its class, now at the best price ever

Roborock's new S7 hit the market just a few weeks ago to put a new level in this industry thanks to its sonic scrubbing technology, which completes the already known cast of the best cleaning robots now with a mop capable of vibrating up to 3,000 times per minute removing any stains and cleaning deeper, without just dragging the damp cloth across the floor.

It is a new design platform in which the arrangement of the elements varies but not the expected functionality, since the water tank and the waste tank are still large to allow the robot working without attention from us for several days, thus becoming the benchmark for automated cleaning.

Charging ...

Navigation continues using a LiDAR and the best connectivity, mapping our home automatically and offering advanced control through an application for the smartphone, which will even allow us divide our house by rooms and activate the robot with the voice using Assistant or Alexa, in addition to the usual programming and customization functions of virtual zones and walls.

VibraRise technology also has the possibility of automatically raise the mop when detecting carpets or rugs, also activating the maximum suction power, to conveniently clean all surfaces, without wetting what should not get wet and taking up to 99% of the particles and allergens.

And now, with only 3 months to live, the new Roborock S7 is more accessible than ever with a discount on AliExpress, the manufacturer's official store, which will also send it to you free of charge to an almost irresistible price for all the possibilities that this intelligent robot will offer:

Roborock S5 Max - The World's Easiest Daily Cleaning

The Roborock S5 Max will also receive a new promotional price, which already with a couple of years of life has now become with the usual price drops in one of the best options on the market in terms of price and benefits.

Not in vain, it remains the best LiDAR navigation and full connectivity via the Roborock app, where appropriate with the largest water and waste tank to allow yourself to work cleaning our house daily for longer and without the need for maintenance, nor emptying or filling tanks.

Charging ...

It is a compensated option, with all the best of the most noble cut robot vacuum cleaners, but with a simple and sober design, durable materials and a much more content price which is now even more attractive if possible.

This Roborock S5 Max features a 2,000 Pa high power, and also allows us to map our home and personalize cleaning with prohibited areas or humidity control, since has an electronic water tank and a precise control valve.

Not only this, and it is that you can clean a 65 square meter floor more than 3 times with it, or a 200 square meter house in a single work session thanks to its 5,200 mAh battery and the size of its tanks. And now all this, for much less than you would expect what would it cost:

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