Spotify Greenroom is your Clubhouse alternative for hosting live audio rooms that automatically generate podcasts

In March, Spotify announced the acquisition of Locker Room, a company Live audio application to enhance the function you've been working on for a long time to deliver live broadcasts like a traditional radio.

Today, the company launches Spotify Greenroom, your new mobile app that allows Spotify users around the world to join or host live audio rooms and optionally turn those conversations into podcasts.

Spotify Greenroom is your offer to compete directly with Clubhouse which, dSince it hit the market, it has been very successful and a long list of clones among the giants of the Internet.

Spotify too has announced a Creators Fund that seeks to feed the new application with more content in the future and get to monetize the content of its creators to get their attention. But he has not given more information at the moment.

Greenroom is based on a Locker Room code

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The Spotify Greenroom app is based on the existing Locker Room code. In fact, Spotify has explained that current Locker Room users will see their app update to become the Greenroom experience, with its new brand and design, starting today.

While Locker Room used a white and orange color design, the new application de Greenroom maintains the style of the colors of Spotify, having adopted the same color palette, font and iconography.

To enter the new application, Spotify users they will need to log in with their current Spotify account details. They will then be guided so that they can connect with their interests.

At the moment, the process of finding audio shows to listen to is primarily dependent on users joining groups within the app. The Greenroom groups are of general interest. For example, sports, music news, NBA, music production, celebrity news, comedy ...

This is how Spotify Greenroom works

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Regarding the Spotify Greenroom feature set, resembles offering from field pioneer Clubhouse itself, and also to the offers of Twitter Spaces and Facebook Live Audio Rooms.

Speakers in each room appear at the top of the screen with rounded profile icons, while listeners appear below in smaller icons. There are mute options and moderation controls. The rooms can hold up to 1,000 people, and Spotify hopes to expand that number later..

Listeners too can virtually clap the speakers giving them "gems" (Gems) in the app, a feature that also comes from the Locker Room. The number of gems a speaker has earned is displayed next to their profile picture during a session. For now, there is no monetary value associated with the gems. At the moment Greenroom does not offer any form of monetization.

These are Spotify's tips to make your recommendations better

There are some key differences between Spotify Greenroom and other audio apps similar live. Offers a live text chat feature that the host can turn on or off whenever he wants. Hosts can also request the audio file of their finished live audio session, which they can edit into a podcast episode.

It is worth mentioning that, as is already the case with Clubhouse and in matters related to privacy, live audio sessions are recorded by Spotify itself. The company says this is done for moderation purposes. If a user reports something to a Greenroom audio room, Spotify can review that conversation to determine what kind of action to take.

Future plans for Spotify Greenroom


Later this summer, the company plan to make announcements about scheduled content, something that he says is a high priority. He also plans to include programming related to music, culture and entertainment, in addition to the sports content that Locker Room was known for.

The company also claims that to market Spotify Greenroom to artists through its Spotify for Artists channels, hoping to get more content for the app that is exclusively focused on music. In addition, it has confirmed that the monetization options for creators will also arrive later, but has not given specific details at the moment.

Over time, Spotify says plan is for Greenroom to take advantage of Spotify's personalization technology to better connect users with the content they want to listen to. For example, it could send notifications to users if a podcaster that you already follow on Spotify goes live on Spotify Greenroom. These are long-term plans.

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