Someone has bought a mysterious Google Pixel made by HTC on eBay

A prototype of the Google Pixel 2 XL that never existed, the one made by HTC, has appeared on eBay at a starting price of $ 580.

While we are waiting for the new Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, the truth is that it seems that someone has wanted to take advantage of the hype in order to fuel the mystery around that Pixel 2 XL that never existed and earn a few euros with it, well a unit has appeared on eBay of that Pixel 2 XL made by HTC with code name 'muskie', a device that was later discarded for end up being manufactured by LG in the long-awaited times when Google collaborated with other manufacturers to design and build their smartphones.

Some time later we learned that the HTC U11 + was actually the ill-fated heir 'muskie', of which a few units had been assembled which were later shown showing an outdated design, which explained Google's "no" but which raised to 'muskie' to the collector's smartphone category, perhaps as the last HTC that could have relaunched the Taiwanese firm.

Google Pixel 2 XL, 'muskie', made by HTC

This would have been the Google Pixel 2 XL that never was, manufactured by HTC.

Be that as it may, since 2017 those HTC Pixel 2 XL still walk around surely in the hands of former Google and / or HTC employees, showing themselves in photos or showing details for now, as the 9to5Google colleagues told us, get for sale on eBay at a price starting at $ 580, collector's cost for a prototype that has also left us a good photographic gallery.

Someone has put up for sale on eBay a unit of that Google Pixel 2 XL made by HTC and that never came into being, letting us see photos, details of the test applications and a collector's price that started at $ 580.

Now we know why the Pixel 2 XL made by HTC would have been a mistake

Thanks to the announcement we can get to know a Pixel 2 XL in depth that would surely have been a mistake to have been sold as such, with those huge bezels and almost become a larger-sized Pixel 2, without major advantages, keeping the assembly of contemporary devices from an HTC that had already lost its way in the industry.

Obviously it's about only from a pre-series model, which shows a sticker with the identification "EVT1 C" plus an alternative brand logo, the barcode "G1041270" and a text that indicates that it is a terminal "For internal testing and development only", being "Not available for sale or rent".

All this information is also indicated in the announcement:

Google Pixel Muskie ORIGINAL PROTOTYPE !! (1 phone 580 $). WEIRD!! Android operating system. Without trying. Hardware details are unknown. The system may be unstable or not working. Network not tested.

Google Pixel 2 XL 'muskie', Photo gallery:

Prototype of the HTC 'muskie', the Google Pixel 2 XL that never existed

As we see, this HTC Pixel 2 XL would have had a smaller screen and more outdated design, but yes a larger 3,830 mAh battery compared to the 3,520 mAh with which the model prepared by LG arrived. In fact, this screen would be well below 6 inches of the production Pixel 2 XL.

In addition, we see that as a development device, some test apps What "Better Bug", "Pixel Logging", "Ramdumper", "Traceur" Y "Volta"plus others to test the headphone jack via USB-C and a version of Android 8.0.1 with security patches from August 2017.

Fortunately, Google had a plan B with LG and the Pixel 2 XL came with better credentials, although at this point in the movie and only 4 years later, neither HTC nor LG continue in the mobile industry and from Mountain View there are no longer any agreements with partners external to build smartphonesRather, they assemble their Pixels themselves with questionable launch plans in limited markets.

For its part, this unity of the 'HTC muskie' insurance will be sold on eBay for end up as a collectible device, or become a personal museum piece from a fan. Curious, at least, yes it is ... Or not?

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