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National team football was seen for the first time in high definition in Spain in 2008, with Euro 2008 and through pay TV. For the 2010 World Cup, the country still did not have a free television channel that could broadcast in HD. Euro 2012 was the first tournament that could be followed with this resolution, and the jump was very noticeable.

Thirteen years after that first continental title of La Roja, and eight after the arrival of the first 4K UHD televisions, which are by far the best sellers, in Spain we cannot see Euro 2021 in 4K, neither paying nor without paying. The launch of UHD Spain indicates that perhaps DTT was too green for Mediaset to have been encouraged to try to broadcast Euro 2021 in tests, but it has not been like that, and Spain is one of the European countries that have to continue to settle for poor high definition.

DTT was a way to explore, but There were other solutions, such as Internet streaming, because we were not only talking about improving the sharpness, but also the colorimetry and the dynamic range of HDR, which would have fixed problems with very dark or overexposed parts of the field. Let's see how the main countries around us (and those from a bit further away) have done it.

They have simulated the entire Euro 2021 with artificial intelligence 100,000 times to predict the winner, and Spain is doing well

These are the countries that broadcast the Euro in 4K

Euro 2020

Flatpanels graphic.

In Flatpanels they have compiled the European countries (and some non-EU countries) where you can see Euro 2020 in UHD, and there is everything. There is no country where 4K reaches DTT, but there are many marked as DTH, that is, they broadcast by satellite.

Others, such as France, the Netherlands, Germany or China have opted for IPTV, that is, for television over the Internet such as the fiber variant of Movistar +, or Vodafone TV and Orange TV.

The BBC broadcasts through its application via the Internet with 4K and HDR are spectacular.

However, given that here in Spain the rights are held by Mediaset, in the IPTV sense, they could not have done much more than have reached agreements with the large operators. What would have been easy? What the BBC has done in the UK and what it already did at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Through its iPlayer app, available for many platforms and Smart TVs, it broadcasts many championship matches in 4K and HDR HLG.

Screenshot 2021 06 17 At 19 22 09

List of matches that the BBC broadcasts in 4K in this first group stage.

I was able to enjoy iPlayer in 4K in 2018 and the quality was spectacular, only requiring a connection of at least 25 Mbps, like ORF in Austria. Mediaset could have developed an application for Smart TV, Apple TV, Fire Stick or even consoles with this capability, or have provided it to its existing applications. 4K in DTT is still very green, but there were other options.

In Spain we have already been able to watch football in 4K on the Internet thanks to Bein Sports, and the quality jump was enormous

The same happens with RTVE and the Tokyo Olympics. Not a single mention of 4K in its presentation, while in Japan they will not only be broadcast in 4K, but there will be tests in 8K. We will have to wait and see if the World Cup in Qatar can be seen in something other than HD on DTT. By 2022 it will be playing.

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