Samsung's unofficial assistant that went viral overnight

Samantha is the new mass idol.

Virtual assistants exist today quite a few and we will not deny that they are really useful on a day-to-day basis.. For example we have Siri at Apple, Alexa from Amazon or the Google Assistant, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Samsung also has its own personal assistant called Bixby although it is not going to be him that we talk about next, if not from Samantha, an unofficial mascot / assistant of the South Koreans who has become a mass phenomenon overnight. The reasons for its success are not few indeed.

Samantha, the unofficial Samsung assistant who has gone viral


Samantha, the viral phenomenon of Samsung

As we read on Polygon, a design company called Lightfarm created this assistant together with a marketing company owned by Samsung, although the final result was never used in any campaign.

Now time later, the images have come to light and Samantha has become really popular in all parts of the world. Samantha is a happy woman who has won the heart of the Internet to the point of being the protagonist of content not suitable for all the public in certain forums on the network. To top it all, his career on TikTok is also taking off.

From what we can see, Samantha has quickly become a much more popular assistant than Bixby. Now, being an unofficial product, we will never have her as an assistant in a Samsung terminal And perhaps its success is due to the fact that we do not have to shut it up as we do as Siri or Alexa. Or it's just that the internet community likes female characters and Samantha is one of the best designed characters we've seen in months.

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