Pornhub sued in California for allegedly hosting sex videos released without consent

About thirty women have submitted a civil lawsuit in California against Mindgeek, the company that owns the pornography portal Pornhub and other pornographic sites, because they claim that it hosts sex videos disseminated without consent. In the complaint they maintain that it is a "criminal enterprise" and that it profits knowing that the content is not consensual.

Several complainants have spoken with the American network CBS and have related how they discovered by third parties that Sex videos in which they appeared, recorded against their will, had been uploaded by other people, also without their consent. Even videos taken when they were minors. The videos were viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

They maintain that it is a "criminal enterprise" and that it profits knowing that the content is not consensual

The lawsuit also accuses Pornhub and the company that owns promote graphic rape videos, revenge porn, and even videos depicting child sexual abuse.

"How do you know it's you?"


One of the women has said that, when she discovered that the video in which it appeared had been uploaded to the web, she contacted it to have it removed. Instead of doing it right away, claims a Pornhub rep challenged her and asked him: "How do you know it's you?" The video was deleted days later, although it continued to appear on other portals.

Of the 34 victims, 14 report that they were minors when the videos in which they appear were recorded and also 14 indicate that they were victims of people who were accused or convicted of sexual crimes. All claim protection, as well as damages, because some of them are currently contacted by men who have sought them.

This lawsuit joins that of 40 other victims of sexual exploitation and the devastating report published at the end of last year by 'The New York Times'

MindGeek, the porn empire that wants to go unnoticed but controls the most famous adult websites on the planet

From Pornhub they say that the accusations are "totally absurd, completely reckless and categorically false" and, in statements to the BBC, a person in charge claims they have "zero tolerance for illegal content" and are investigating "any complaint or allegation made about the content on our platforms ".

This lawsuit joins another of 40 victims of sexual exploitation related to an exploitation plot and the devastating report that The New York Times published at the end of last year. In it it was denounced how reported videos were still on the web and it was ensured that the site was full of videos related to child abuse and rape. The company denied it, but at the same time announced measures to combat child abuse, exploitation and stated that it would ask for verification to upload videos and eliminate downloads. He also claimed that he had removed all unverified porn that represented millions of recordings.

After the journalistic report, Mastercard, Visa and other payment platforms blocked their customers from using their bank cards to make payments in Pornhub.

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