playing the trump card of certainty

Gorillas has reached Spain, more specifically the Chamberí and Salamanca areas of the city of Madrid, with deliveries in 10 minutes and a shipping fee of 1.80 euros. Soon it will jump to Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Marbella, Alicante, Ibiza and Palma.

The startup Berlin, which lands in our country in compliance with the recently approved law rider because their delivery men are hired, is the great European rival of other delivery services, mainly Glovo, although its offer is much more specific, clear and simple than that of its competition.

Gorillas' offer is limited compared to other delivery services such as Glovo, Deliveroo or Just Eat, but that does not necessarily work against them

And also limited, what does not necessarily play against him.

Gorillas vs Glovo vs Deliveroo vs Just Eat: the comparison of these very different services

Glovo delivery man

Glovo users know that from these platforms they can access all kinds of products and services. We talk about shipping or collection of whatever, food at home, parapharmacy products, grocery shopping ... If we talk about Deliveroo, the offer is restricted to the delivery of food from restaurants to home, as is also the case with Just Eat.

And what does it offer Gorillas? Deliveries of supermarket products, basically they make the purchase, with a period of 10 minutes and a fixed price of shipping of 1.80 euros. The terms are clear, and if all goes well, there should be no surprises.

Gorillas plays the trick of specialization: grocery shopping in 10 minutes at the door of the house for 1.80 euros

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Glovo also offers a similar service, called SuperGlovo, which began as a pilot experience in Barcelona and was extended to Madrid last April. They also promise deliveries of supermarket products in a maximum of 10 minutes, although at the time of this writing the estimate is 20-30 minutes for delivery and the cost is variable, essentially depending on the establishment, as is usual in both Glovo and Deliveroo.

Deliveroo delivery man

The trick that Gorillas plays in this case it's the specialization and the lack of surprises. With an initial catalog of 2,000 products for daily consumption, such as fresh products, snacks, various groceries or drinks, they focus on becoming the reference when making the purchase on-line and receive it quickly for a cost that we know in advance.

In comparison, the handicap of services such as Glovo or Deliveroo is the variability of their shipping rates depending on the business in which we buy, as well as the different possible delivery times

In addition, they add an extra: products from local merchants. In the case of the capital, La Colmenareña, Hola Coffee and Puchero. And they ensure, among other things, that they partner with brands in each city in which they operate and local farmers for fresh produce.

Just Eat delivery man

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Gorillas' secret to offer this service so fast and measured in terms of costs passed on to the customer, because the products ensure that they are sold at competitive prices, is the creation of calls dark stores. Strategically located warehouses, such as those that Glovo has for the SuperGlovo service, which allow streamlining the process of order preparation and delivery. This last point, thanks also in the case of Gorillas, to the fact that its contracted delivery men only use electric bicycles and have specific delivery areas assigned to them.

Gorillas and Just Eat have distributors on staff, while Glovo or Deliveroo riders are autonomous

The hiring of workers for the cast resembles them with the Just Eat model, which also employs riders Salaried and non-self-employed or false self-employed, according to judicial decisions such as the recently known Supreme Court on more than 500 Deliveroo deliverymen.

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