play without limits for only 1.99 euros

More subscriptions, this time for Orange customers who will be able to play thousands of games with their Android smartphone, for only 1.99 euros a week!

Already converted into the great business of contemporary times, the truth is that subscriptions keep popping up from under the stones and from almost any sector or industry, starting with ours, the one that applies to us, in which we can hire from streaming multimedia and video games to unlimited access to apps, annual use of devices and even services premium of social networks or operators telecommunications through recurring payments of reduced amounts.

In fact, it is precisely Orange which has presented us the last of the subscriptions to reach the Android platform, and although dessert is an imitation of Movistar Games and something like a kind of Google Play Pass to play that it would be charged directly to your mobile bill, the truth is that it will surely be interesting for some of the clients of the carrier French.

Meet the Orange Games subscription

Orange Games: we present you the new 'gamer' subscription of the orange operator.

To introduce you to the service Orange Games, you should know that it is part of a free application already available on Google Play, through which offer unlimited access to a selection of over 2,000 mobile games roughly all of them without ads or in-app purchases to tarnish the experience.

If in the end it is that we will need one of the multiple subscription control applications, because they appear by dozens like this new 'Orange Games' that wants to offer unlimited access for 1.99 euros a week to a catalog of 2,000 games for Android .

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That's how it works Orange Games, and so you can hire it in Orange

The truth is there are not too many complications in what Orange offers us, with a subscription service premium only available for now on Android, through which play tons of games with no time limit, no ads or the need to buy additional content within the title itself, which will offer all its options in the open.

The title library is really big, with more than 2,000 games available and a price of only 1.99 euros per week that will make it attractive to certain types of users, making available to those interested a free trial lasting 7 days and during which we can test Orange Games without any limitation so that assessing its operation is easier.


As for the application, it is intuitive and has a library sorted by categories, including a section for children that prevents access to improper titles by the smallest of the house.

And also, those of you who are thinking about access to the Internet to have the games, you should know that being subscribed will offer you the possibility of download the games to access them from anywhere and without the need for an Internet connection. Keep in mind that this option will not be available for games on-line For obvious reasons, not connected multiplayer modes or titles that require downloading content from a remote server to function.

It will be the application itself that tells you if the game is downloadable and functional in offline, offering the possibility of downloading it if possible.

Meet the Orange Games subscription

A lot of games, more than 2,000, for only 1.99 euros a week.

Finally, if you are a customer of the orange operator, access to Orange Games it's as simple as activate the subscription from your 'My Orange' customer app, with that mentioned price of 1.99 euros per week that it will be charged to your invoice through Orange Pay or it will be deducted from the balance directly if you use a prepaid SIM.

This new subscription is compatible with any Orange mobile tariff With the exception of Mobile Internet for Companies and 4G Internet, while the application can be installed on any Android mobile with version 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. It is also important that you know that the service has no permanence and it can be deactivated or canceled from the same app 'My Orange' or by calling customer service.

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