Photopea is a free and online Photoshop clone that has generated a million dollars in 12 months: this is what it has done

At Genbeta we have recommended Photopea many times (accessible from here), a free online image editor that is a Photoshop clone, or at least wants to be. To be a web application at no cost to the user, is surprisingly good, and has improved a lot over time.

Modern browsers and current connections allow amazing web applications, but many times we think that they are not sustainable models. And surprisingly, in the case of Photopea, whoever thinks so couldn't be more wrong. Ivan Kutskir, creator of Photopea, told Hacker News two months ago that he has made a million dollars in the last few months.

90% of advertising, the rest of Premium users, and 42 dollars of server expenses

Kutskir responded on Hacker News to a comment that talked about how difficult it can be to work as a developer at the tech giants (FAANG), where other users said he would have earned more. His answer is that he had made a million dollars in the last twelve months (already in the context of the pandemic).

90% came from advertising, and the rest of users who pay the premium plan ($ 9 per month or $ 10 for three months) or who pay to license a version with Photopea's own servers. To this I added that you never know if you will earn more than $ 250,000 a year if a great technology company hires you, but what you do know almost certainly will not happen is to charge more than those $ 250,000, at least without having managerial positions.

Kutskir has done it on his own, with many years without entering anything. Your spending on servers is 42 euros per year

And now he wins them, or at least he enters. But it was not always like this. As he told in March in an interview, Kutskir has been working at Photopea for 7 years. He began monetizing the tool four years ago, in 2019, earning only $ 9,000. From there, 20,000 in 2018, 230,000 in 2019, and 500,000 in 2020.

He decided to do Photopea with ads because knew the online flash game industry well, with which he earned a lot of money with advertising banners. What a golden age that of Minigames and MiniClip.

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Today has 300,000 daily users, and the most impressive thing is that, when everything is done in the machine that moves the browser with Javascript, the expense in servers is negligible, 45 dollars per year. Furthermore, Kutskir is the only person working on Photopea, a project that started with a 500 euro laptop.

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