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The calendar of updates to Android 12 continues its course, now with beta number 2 of that version of the operating system: it is already available for all Google Pixels, soon for the rest of the mobiles that have embarked on the beta. The update especially emphasizes privacy.

Every stable version of Android addresses an update schedule that begins with internal testing at the development level and then releases an update. preview which are followed by different versions in beta. Each of the updates usually takes a small step forward with more functions, aesthetic touches and different improvements. After the passage from the first beta to the second, recently released, the jump is not excessive, but it is noticeable.

Google activates the features that were advanced in the previous beta

Android 12 Beta

When we were thoroughly testing the first beta, after having attended all the changes that Google presented in I / O 2021, we missed announced features; such as the clipboard prompt when an app asks for the copied text or notification of microphone and camera in use. All of this comes with beta 2.

Android 12: these are the seven news that come to improve our privacy

As confirmed by Google itself, and we have verified in our Pixels, the beta 2 of Android 12 is now available to download. They are 316 MB update, a size that reveals a deep list of changes. Broadly speaking, they are the following:

  • Privacy Panel or 'Privacy Dashboard'. Android 12 launches a section dedicated to privacy where the system will report graphically on the use that apps made of the data, accesses to the camera and microphone will also be recorded.

  • Background microphone and camera access notification. Android 12 beta 2 warns with a small green dot when an app has accessed the camera and microphone. Even if the app is not active on the screen.

  • Quick access to camera and microphone permissions. With beta 2, its users can activate and deactivate both the microphone and the camera from the quick access panel.

  • Clipboard access notification. The system will tell which apps access the content copied to the clipboard.

  • New patch panel. Android 12 makes selecting QiFi networks more intuitive with a popup bottom where the available networks and the one to which the device is connected will be reflected.

The above are the main changes involved in the jump from beta number one to two, but surely there are plenty of minor news plus under the update. We are testing Android 12 beta 2 to find out everything that Google has included in this new version.

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