Microsoft's foldable Android phone already sells for $ 800 less

The price of the Microsoft Surface Duo plummets.

Although Microsoft dominates the PC market with an iron fist, We cannot say the same for the mobile phone market.

The Redmond company cannot find the key to success and it is because of the fact that it had to abandon its Windows Phone operating system, It is added that their new terminals do not make the user fall in love either. His latest victim, the Surface Duo.

The price of the Surface Duo plummets in the United States

Microsoft Surface Duo, official photo

Surface Duo, this is Microsoft's first Android device

Microsoft debuted in 2020 with a new terminal, but this time it came with Google's operating system. The Microsoft Surface Duo is a foldable device, hybrid between smartphone and tablet.

The Surface Duo mounts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB of RAM, 128/256 GB of storage, as well as a 5.6-inch double OLED screen with a resolution of 1800 x 1350 pixels that when deployed form an 8.1-inch screen with 2700 x 1800 pixels.

As you can imagine, the price of this device is not cheap and is that Microsoft launched it on the market for "only" $ 1,400. Nowadays? The figure has been reduced considerably as we read in Softpedia News.

In the United States, the Surface Duo sells for $ 800 less than its official price. That is, instead of the $ 1,399, can be purchased for as little as $ 649.99. We are talking about the official Microsoft store, not online stores or department store promotions.

This savage downgrade is due to several reasons. The first and most obvious is that the Microsoft device has been a resounding failure. Foldable phones have not yet caught on with the average user and their sales are not being as expected. By lowering the price from Redmond they hope to be able to liquidate all the genre that they have left, which is not little precisely.

On the other hand, rumors suggest that Microsoft would be working on the second-generation Surface Duo for the fall of this year, something that by the way is difficult for us to believe given the proximity of the date. We just hope that if this is true, the Surface Dudo 2 will have better luck than its predecessor because we would love to see Microsoft at the top of the Android market.

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