Microsoft's cloud gaming is about to get even better thanks to Xbox Series X

Xbox Game Pass will soon be getting updates for Series X, full Chrome support, and much more.

At this point no one doubts that the future of the video game is in the streaming, and surely today the most complete cloud gaming service is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the platform of a Microsoft that in the last hours does not stop announcing news.

The first and not least was the arrival of Disney + to Xbox Game Pass, with a free month for all subscribers to the modality Ultimate, although the most important improvements were announced this afternoon linked to the update required to make the service compatible with Xbox Series X.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, probably the most complete cloud gaming service of the moment.

As 9to5Google told us, it seems that the Xbox Game Pass updates to make room for the new X Series will bring more surprises under the arm, and not just a renovation in Microsoft's data centers to provide better performance, faster processing speeds and better graphics for specific titles of the new Xbox.

Microsoft has announced that its data centers are almost ready to offer optimized Game Pass on its X Series consoles, adding full support for web browsers and further enhancements, which could include new cheaper subscription options.

Xbox Game Pass games for Android that can be played without a controller

In fact, it seems that at last Xbox Game Pass will open up to new platforms expanding its support for Android, with games in streaming through web browsers like Google Chrome for all subscribers of Ultimate. This long-awaited functionality would arrive "In the next weeks", although for now we reduce the euphoria because they have not made any release date official.

At least we do know that compatibility with Chrome, Edge or Safari would open the possibility to play from the cloud on almost any device, including Mac computers and even iPads or iPhones where App Store restrictions make it impossible to publish video game platforms cloud.

Redmond also announce that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be soon available as a native app on some platforms for Smart TVs, with specific deals with TV manufacturers in the same way that Google brought Stadia to LG TVs with newer webOS. The door has even been left open to present specialized wireless video streaming hardware for Xbox, or what would be something similar to a Microsoft Chromecast that allows you to open Game Pass Ultimate from any monitor with HDMI connectors.

It therefore seems that the competition with Google Stadia and Amazon Luna has made Microsoft rethink its roadmap of improvements for Xbox Game Pass, which also You could also explore new subscription formulas and offers that allows them to better adapt to the different "Financial realities" of each user and each market.

More details? Well, we only have what we have told you, so we will have to wait as Microsoft tells us a few weeks more to know all the news that will come to your service streaming of videogames. At least now we do know that there will be important improvements and that the thing promises... Or not?

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