Microsoft suspends the release of preview versions of Windows 10 and that sounds like Windows 11

Microsoft has announced that pause the release of preliminary updates to Windows 10 in the coming weeks. Cumulative updates will be released, but all of them will fall on the same compilation, 21390. Windows 10 21H2, therefore, will stay as is.

The announcement comes a few days, just over two weeks, after the Redmond team carried out an event in which we will see "what's next for Windows". We will live the appointment on June 24 and in it we will see what is to come in the Microsoft operating system. Something big, obviously. Sounds like Windows 11.

It has been rumored that this great update that is to come in 2021 is more than just that.

In fact, the head of the company, Satya Nadella, assured at Microsoft Build 2021 that in the near future they would provide more details on "one of the most important Windows updates of the last decade". Almost nothing, although beyond this generation of expectations we do not have much more official: no name, details or characteristics.


Windows 10 Sun Valley, Windows 10 21 H2, Windows 11 or a new Windows just around the corner

Imagining the future Windows

Knowing that the arrival of Sun Valley is expected by the end of the year, what Microsoft has to tell us on the 24th of this month most likely has to do with that update and those that come in the future. Apparently, and if we have not lived in a generalized deception, a visual revolution of Windows at different levels, as we have known for a long time, and who knows if something else.

"One of the biggest Windows updates of the last decade," Nadella's word

Windows 10 Sun Valley continues to generate expectations: Microsoft believes it will revolutionize the system user experience

More recently, It has been rumored that this great update that is to come in 2021 is more than just that., a great update. It is speculated that it may be the arrival of a supposed Windows 11, or simply a new Windows, without any surname, that arrives as a point and followed by the system, changing it substantially.

Following the words of Nadella, ensuring that it is one of the most important updates of the last ten years, these speculations may be right. In any case, if Microsoft has not exaggerated, what is to come is very fat, if you allow us the expression, and pausing the release of preliminary updates for a few weeks may be the measure in place to prevent (more) leaks. implemented to prevent (more) leaks.

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