Mastershot is a free, easy-to-use online video editor that doesn't add horrendous watermarks to your videos

At the time of edit videos There are many options available depending on the needs you have. If you are not interested in too complex tools designed more for the professional field and therefore do not have the budget to pay for an expensive license, there are a few free alternatives.

Now, Something that many free video editors tend to have in common is that they have their limitations. Many add a watermark, others require that the length of the video does not exceed a specific number of minutes, and the resolution tends to be low, sometimes not even allowing 1080p export. None of that is a problem with Mastershot.

No subscriptions, no watermarks, and with Full HD support


Mastershot is a web application, that is, you can use this video editor directly from your browser just by entering If it is more comfortable for you, you can even install it as a progressive web application.

It is 100% free, does not have a premium mode of payment, nor does it offer to unlock features through a subscription, nor does it add watermarks, and it lets you export your video up to 1080p. Your Creator, Jacon beckerman You are only interested in donations if you are interested in collaborating with the project.

The only thing you need to use it is log in with your Google account or register an account with your email. Once this is done you can start editing directly.

At the moment Mastershot supports:

  • Trim video, audio and images.

  • Extracting audio from video to use on a separate track.

  • Add text to video or images.

  • Superimpose videos on top of others (picture in picture / grids / rows).

It is planned to add integrations with stock image and video sites, green screen support, transitions between clips, and animations soon.

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