Make Google Chrome load pages faster on Android with this trick

So you can make Google Chrome for Android go faster - the ultimate trick.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and important web browsers on computers and it has managed to position itself in the same way within the mobile devices, especially in Spain.

And it is that what makes this browser mainly attractive is precisely its compatibility, ease of use and loading speed.

Precisely, we want to talk to you about this last point today, although it is a very fast browser, there is a very simple way to improve your performance.

Make Google Chrome load pages faster on Android with this trick

Make Google Chrome load pages faster on Android with this trick

Therefore, join us to know this trick that will help you Google Chrome load pages much faster on your Android device, safely and smoothly.

How to make Google Chrome for Android go faster: activate these flags now

Ultimate trick to make Google Chrome load pages faster on Android

If something should characterize a good browser, it is precisely its speed, something that improves the user experience and makes a difference compared to other alternatives. In this case, Google Chrome have a quite remarkable performanceStill, applying this little trick will be better.

Specifically, this setting will allow Chrome preload the web page you want to visit, making the content appear earlier and therefore reducing the waiting time when loading the site. To activate it:

  • On your device Android, go to the app Google Chrome.
  • Once inside the browser, go to the three vertical points located at the top right of your screen.
  • When the menu is displayed, click on the section "Setting".
How to make Google Chrome load pages faster

Go to the "Settings" of your Chrome browser from Android

  • Now go to "Privacy & Security" and activate the option "Preload pages to speed up browsing and searches" or "Load pages previously". By activating this function, you will make your browsing experience faster and you can perform your searches in less time.
How to make Google Chrome load pages faster-2

Go to the option "Privacy and security" and then enable the option for the pages to load fast

As you will see, it is very easy to improve the time of loading web pages to the browser from Google Chrome. Of course, you must take into consideration that activate this function It has a negative point, although nothing serious.

It turns out, that with this configuration, the browser it will increase the consumption of your mobile data considerably, so if you don't have one limited fee or you have a reduced quota, you will see how it is noticeably reduced.

If on the contrary, your rate is unlimited or you stay connected to a WiFi network, you will not have to worry about anything, being able to enjoy a faster loading speed on the pages. Everything will depend on your availability.

How to improve the performance of Google Chrome on Android with these 4 flags

Before going into the subject and explaining which are the four flags that will help you make your Chrome browser on Android faster, it is important that you know what these functions are and what they are for.

What are Flags in Google Chrome and how to activate them?

It is one of the Chromium inherited features, the open source web browser on which it is based Google Chrome and many more browsers.

In this sense, the Flags o "flags", gathers the whole set of hidden or experimental features that have been developed for Chrome but are not public, either because they are in beta phase or have been discarded.

Chrome for Android

To access these options, it is very simple. You only need access Google Chrome and in the search bar write chrome: // flagsabout: flags and a list of all available options will appear.

Of course, you should be very careful with activate or modify any configuration that you do not know, As it can affect the experience or damage the app. Even so, don't worry, we will tell you exactly which ones you need to activate to enjoy a better performance and make your browser Chrome load pages faster.

The 4 best flags to improve the performance of Google Chrome on Android

If you activate these four flags in your browser Google Chrome from your Android, you will notice a significant improvement in its performance and therefore, you will enjoy a best experience.

Enable dark mode in Google Chrome

Accelerate file downloads

This option will make increase your browser performance and at the same time, it will allow you to use several download channels simultaneously, perfect when you need to download multiple files from the Internet.


Smooth gliding

Although it will not directly affect the speed of the web pages you visit, it will improve the experience when viewing them, since it will give you a smoother scrolling, providing increased sense of fluidity.


Turn off page breaks

Page breaks make the charging process slower, not to mention how annoying they can be. Therefore, this flag is ideal to improve this problem.


Activate the QUIC protocol

It is a experimental function implemented by Google in 2012 that allows the information transfer between web servers faster, loading any page hosted on a server with QUIC support so be it.


Now that you know all these options to make Google Chrome load pages faster on Android and improve the experience when using the browser, don't wait any longer and make the most of your searches on the web.

How to access Chrome flags on Android and activate hidden functions

If you liked this article, remember to take a look at Google's plan so you can navigate faster, or better yet, check out these 11 tricks to get the most out of your browser.

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