Mac-style touchpad gesture support is almost a reality in Linux no matter what desktop environment you use

The recent arrival of GNOME 40 is perhaps the best current example of what the true support multitouch on linux. Gestures in which we can use two and three and up to four fingers to execute actions from the touchpad of our laptop.

This is something that macOS is famous for, and what Windows 10 has made tremendous strides in recent years. However, Linux has been a pending issue for a long time, and no widespread support across distros and desktop environments. Up to now.

Support for touchpad gestures comes to Qt, Gimp and X server

Thanks to the Linux Touchpad Like a Macbook project, which has just completed a vast number of tasks they were working on, touchpad gestures have been accepted on X server. This means that we will have uniform support of gestures for the touchpad through Linux apps no matter what desktop environment we are using.

The list of features that have been implemented since the last update is more than remarkable:

  • Support for touchpad gestures has reached the X server. The code will be released as a new major version of the X server later this year.

  • Touchpad gesture support for Wayland has landed in the Qt framework. It will be released as Qt 6.2.

  • Touchpad gesture support for the X server in the Qt framework has undergone a review.

  • Touchpad gesture support for canvas zooming in / out has been released in GIMP development version 2.99.6. Something that turned out to work fine even on Windows 10.

  • The touchpad gesture support for the X server in Gtk has been synced with the latest development version of Gtk and sent to the developers for review.

Archcraft is another stupid and sexy Arch-based minimalist Linux distro that looks just phenomenal.

The next thing to come for this project and what will have the highest priority is finalizing the touchpad gesture support in the Gtk and Qt frameworks, so that it works equally well in both X and Wayland.

In addition to this, they are collecting information on which applications are the most important to support. Among the most voted are Firefox, Mutter, Kwin / Plasma, Chrome / Chromium, and Gimp.

If you want / can support this project, on the GitClear GitHub page you can become a sponsor with as little as $ 5 a month.

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