Learning programming with hand-made notes and explanations using kittens is the proposal of these Argentine developers

When you start learning a new subject, no one wants to depend solely on having to 'brood' the manual of the subject or having to see the entire lecture from the teacher: as far as possible, we all try to have summaries and schematics.

And, in the event that these summaries are not our own, we try to get hold of those that best synthesize the information and are more pleasant to read. Thus we can understand the success in networks of Majo Ledesma and Bel Rey.

And it is that these two programmers, both of Argentine nationality, decided - each one separately - to develop and share with the world your own briefs on topics related to software development, in both cases giving them a nice personal stamp.

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Majo's notes


Majo Ledesma She works as an iOS Developer Trainee, and has garnered over 42,000 followers using a very non-digital approach: write notes by hand.

Of course, he makes them in perfectly legible handwriting, but his fame (It has already collected the equivalent of 1271 coffees in donations through the platform) It has been provided with its 'cuqui' aesthetic full of colors and little drawings.

In addition to the individual pages that he is publishing on his Instagram and his twitter, Majo already offers on its website 8 small notebooks in PDF format, basic and / or intermediate level.

Css Maje

Pages extracted from the guide on CSS of Los Apuntes de Majo (Author: Majo Ledesma).

The length of these varies between the 10 pages of the notes of 'Object-oriented programming with Python' up to a respectable 62 pages of your document on CSS. Besides those, it also has notes on JavaScript, Python, SQL, GIT, React, and React Hooks.

I explain it to you with kittens


The approach taken by Bel Rey, "fullstack developer, designer and kitten fan"It was something different from Maje's: no hand drawing, no multi-page books reviewing various aspects of the same language.

On the contrary, its website is based on offering infographics on more specific topics, often mere definitions related to programming ... in which the explanation is made by kittens (yes, also very 'cute').

A) Yes, introduces concepts such as "the console and its basic commands" or the HTTP Requests, or answers questions like 'What is and how is a repository used?'. In some cases, we can find on his Instagram topics not yet published on his website, such as this 'What is blockchain?'.

Learn With Kittens

Learning with kittens is not something for everyone (nor is it the intention of the author of the image, Bel Rey).

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