lands later on 5G, but sells more than anyone

5G mobile sales are confirmed to be on the rise, curiously dominated by an Apple that was the last brand to adopt next-generation connectivity.

It seems that little by little, next-generation connectivity and 5G networks are democratizing, although the truth is that for now most of the 5G smartphones that are sold are still in the noblest ranges and among the most expensive devices. Maybe because of it, Apple is the king of 5G, and that their first mobile phones with the latest connectivity arrived in 2020, they were the iPhone 12, a lot after the first forays of Samsung and others partners from Android that also offer better performance.

Be that as it may, Strategy Analytics consultants have finally strived to bring us more concrete numbers of the deployment of 5G, which effectively shows the Cupertino manufacturer at the forefront of the industry in the first quarter of 2021, albeit with a significant decline in market share as cheaper 5G smartphones from third-party manufacturers start to arrive to stores, operators and the market in general.

Apple iPhone with 5G

The iPhone 12, Apple's first phones with 5G, are also the best sellers with next-generation connectivity.

Experts say that the reduction is also understandable given the deadlines, in a more organic way, since the previous quarter had the recent arrival of the iPhone 12 to the market and with the important Christmas bell, which have disappeared in 2021 already waiting for some iPhone 13 that will undoubtedly be a success again, but that they will find much more competition already in 5G at more competitive prices than Apple options.

Surely driven by the low adoption of 5G on Android in basic and medium-cut mobiles, Apple has dominated the market with next-generation connectivity since the launch of its iPhone 12, and that despite the fact that they came later than other options and the performance of its 5G modems appears to be worse than those used in other Android options.

The 5G of the iPhone 12 is far behind almost all Android

Speaking of colder figures, the truth is that Apple reduced its sales of mobile phones with 5G by up to 23% from the fourth quarter of 2020 to the first of 2021, although it remains the first manufacturer in terms of the number of 5G smartphones delivered, with 40.4 million iPhone 12 units sold in all its variants in Q1 2021. Its market share remains at 29.8%.

Curiously, Samsung is not the second in contention, but a manufacturer with enormous acceptance in China and more contained prices, such as an OPPO recently merged with OnePlus, which keeps the 15.8% of Compartir with more than 21.5 million units sold.

The podium is closed by another successful Chinese manufacturer, and it is not Xiaomi by the way, but a vivo capable of selling 19.4 million mobiles with 5G between January and March, signing a 14.3% quota, and leaving Samsung fourth with 17 million Galaxy phones with 5G delivered and 12.5% ​​of the market.

Sales of 5G smartphones, according to Strategy Analytics.

Sales of smartphones with 5G connectivity, according to Strategy Analytics.

In any case, it goes without saying that the south korean manufacturer, still the largest smartphone maker globally, is also the brand that has grown the most in the last quarter in terms of 5G mobile sales, probably because its more compensated 5G devices in price have begun to reach important markets such as India.

We talk about a growth of 79% in the case of Samsung, with vivo closely following it, growing 62% since the last quarter of 2020.

Overall, according to Strategy Analytics it appears that the democratization of 5G continues apace and it will continue to do so in the following months, encouraging an industry that needed incentives and important news to convince more users to renew their terminals. Experts say that in 2021 more than 624 million mobile phones will be sold with 5G, and this would be multiplying by more than two the 269 million units sold in 2020.

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