Is it the same as google duo?

Google Meet vs. Google Duo: which of the two platforms is better?

Google Meet or Google Duo? You have surely asked yourself this question and with good reason. Even if both platforms are very similar, there are noticeable differences between them, mainly according to the use that you are going to give them.

To help you clarify this doubt, in this article we explain their differences in detail so that you can see which of these two options is the one that best suits your needs.

What is Google Meet is the same as Google Duo

What is Google Meet: is it the same as Google Duo?

What is Google Meet and what are its main features?

Google Meet It's about the Hangouts evolution within the G-Suite, a platform developed by Google to perform videoconferences, both in web browsers and mobile devices (Android and iOS) and that is mainly focused on teams and users in the work and professional environment.

Unlike other applications (such as Google Duo), Google Meet It is paid or premium, at least to get all the really advanced and important business features. In addition, it is the main competitor of platforms such as Houseparty, Zoom, Messenger Room, among other.

What is Google Meet and what are its main features

Google Meet, a popular video phone service

To use it, just visit the Google Meet website or download the app directly to your device Android or iOS. The operation is very simple, since you will simply find the option to create a meeting or join one using an invitation code.

Google Meet is updated with reactions, new monitoring tools and more improvements

These codes are about unique passwords that are uniquely created for each video call, making it a safe method to communicate. Also, if you want, you can schedule and schedule meetings through Google Calendar.

It is important to note that they can only use Google Meet with users who have a Gmail account, since otherwise, they will not be able to participate. However, this communication tool It has different interesting features, which you should know and which we present below.

What is Google Meet

Google Meet call initiation interface

  • Admits meetings of up to 250 participants, making it an ideal space for group video conferences of up to 100 people in its base version and up to 250 people according to the G-Suite plan you have.
  • Supports the meeting recording, perfect to review again the topics covered in the videoconference and share it with other users who were not present.
  • Own phone number, since according to the plan G-Suite Enterprise that the user has, Google Meet will be able to offer you the possibility of create a phone number for each meeting, being a facility for those who do not have access to mobile data or WiFi.
  • It allows make presentations, even directly from the screen of your mobile or computer, operate the camera, zoom in or out without losing image quality.

What is Google Duo and what are its main features?

When we refer to Google Duo, we are talking about a web application entering and mobile devices, with a similar operation to Apple's FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or even Skype, where you can make audio and video calls through your phone number, with mobile data or via WiFi.

What is Google Duo and what are its main features

Google Duo, a mobile video chat app from Google

TO difference from Google Meet, it is a totally free alternative, both for iOS and Android. On this occasion, use your phone number so that you can communicate with anyone who is in your contact list and who also has the application.

It is developed with a end-to-end encryption system, as well as very interesting functions such as Knock knock, to see live videos of the caller before you even answer. It also has other additional features, such as:

Google Duo already allows you to call many more friends

Google Duo already allows you to call many more friends: it allows 32 participants.

  • Allows you to perform video calls with up to 32 participants, which compared to Google Meet it is a disadvantage.
  • High quality video as it supports video quality up to Half HD 720p.
  • It is developed and optimized for operation with mobile networks with low bandwidth. In addition, it automatically adapts to the connection intensity, alternating between mobile data and WiFi to ensure call quality.
  • It has end-to-end encryption, which provides greater security and privacy in communication.
  • Admits video messagesIn addition to audio and video calls, you can send text or video messages to your contacts as you wish.
  • Knock knock is a unique feature for Android, which allows you to see a preview of the caller before answering the call.

Google Meet or Google Duo: Which one should I use?

As you may have noticed throughout this article, the differences and the audience for each of these two applications is very marked. That is why you should consider the following:

Google Meet is primarily intended for the professional, work and even academic environment, the main competition being services such as Zoom or Jitsi Meet, where participants can only join video conferences using a Google account.

Google Meet or Google Duo Which one should I use

Google Meet vs. Google Duo: which is better?

In addition, its integration with Google Calendar and other applications of the G-Suite, boosts productivity and teamwork, helping to treat different topics without leaving the same place through the option of share screen, present files, documents, presentations, schedule meetings and more.

It is protected by a encryption system that works even during the live broadcast of the conference or when it is stored in Google drive. However, it supports 720p video quality with a maximum call duration of 24 hours.

Of course, we cannot forget its price, because yes, it is a premium app which is included in the G-Suite with plans from $ 8 per active user per month depending on the plan you choose.

For its part, Google Duo is primarily intended for the personal scope, in practicality and casual communication comfort, something that we see reflected in the limit of participants.

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Although it has many Google Meet features such as image quality, being able to use telephone numbers, synchronization with the phonebook, access from mobile applications or from the web, it is more an alternative to applications of traditional messaging like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger or others, and it is not so professionally focused.

That without forgetting that it is totally free. At this point, it will depend more on your needs when choosing one or the other.

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