Improve the WiFi speed on your OnePlus with this simple trick

OyxgenOS is still one of the best ROMs on the market and, although it does not reach the customization levels of MIUI or One UI (nor does it pretend to), it does have some very interesting options. Between them, OnePlus allows us to improve the speed and quality of the WiFi connection by means of a simple trick that we will find in the settings.

Specific, is capable of combining WiFi networks with mobile networks intelligently, to improve the connection when the mobile understands that it is necessary. We are going to show you how this option is activated and what it does exactly.

Dual channel acceleration on your OnePlus

Within the WiFi settings of your OnePlus there is an option that you may not have stopped to try. This is dual channel acceleration, a very interesting feature that some Android phones have. The route is very visible, but we are going to indicate it to you in case you still do not know what menu we are talking about.

  • Open your OnePlus settings

  • Go to the section of 'WiFi and Mobile Networks'

  • Click on 'Dual Channel Acceleration'

Wifi Oneplus

In this submenu we are going to find two quite interesting options. The first is 'Smart Grid Connection'. If we activate this option, just in case our connection is not good, both mobile data and WiFi will be combined. For example, if you are at home with a WiFi connection and it is failing or very slow, the mobile will be able to combine this connection with the network connection, and vice versa.

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The second option is to speed up downloads using this dynamic connection. IF we activate this option, when we are going to download any type of file, the phone will prioritize the fastest connection, to accelerate the download speed.

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