If you use Bizum like these three people, from today on you will have to change the application or the way you receive the money

Today the conditions of use of Bizum have changed, and what for many people is one more change in numbers, for others it means stopping using the service in the way they had been doing it.

The news of the day is simple: from now on, Each registered person may receive a maximum of 60 transfers by Bizum at thes. It is a figure that is still high, but that supposes an ax to the 150 transfers that could be received so far. Of course, those of us who mainly send, we can stay calm, because there are no new limitations in that sense.

As usual, The new measure will affect small businesses or undeclared businesses that had a large volume of income from Bizum. For them, the service has other plans. However, there are other people who, having nothing to hide, will also be affected by the limit, either by exceeding it or by staying close.

Josema's case: recurring payments every week


Although COVID has taken a toll on everything for a while in terms of hangouts with his friends, Josema used to play soccer 11 every week with friends, college classmates and acquaintances from his neighborhood. Once he told me that he was the one who reserved the field where they play every week, so later they pay him via Bizum to have everything more controlled and not go around with coins up and coins down.

So when they play, which is weekly, 23 or 24 people play who make him Bizum to give him back what the track has cost. Josema has told a server that "from now on I will not be able to continue charging and paying for the playing field as before, because with three days I am already over the 60 that Bizum is going to put up."

It is true that the service is not designed for this, but neither did the company say that a use like this was prohibited. "And that's not counting the other shipments they make to me outside of football"It is not a drama, but the first situation where they will have to change things.

These are not the typical use cases of Bizum, since the service estimates that each user receives about five income per month

María, another who, like Josema, also pays for everyone's


María is another person used to receiving many Bizums, for reasons other than Josema's. "Before the pandemic, I did not like to carry loose money, so I began to ask that when I stayed with my friends, they would pay me their part of the account with Bizum, and I paid the total in bars where we usually eat and they do not see at all well that we separate the account one by one ".

This circumstance has led María to receive an enormous amount of Bizums per month, also especially before the pandemic, when there were no restrictions on the number of people to stay. But to this is added that María is the most technological of her family, large in size: "my older cousins, parents and uncles ask me to buy everything from Amazon, because they do not know or because they do not pay the Prime, and I have no problem because I send the packages to collection points or to their address ".

And of course, there are months like Christmas where the number of orders skyrockets. We were counting the orders made in December 2020, an already atypical month for leaving less due to the pandemic, and Maria's mobile had 67 messages indicating Bizum receptions. "And another year could be an even higher figure, we will have to find another way or return to the payment in hand," says María without seeing the situation as a drama.

With Bizum, the banks achieved something that the operators did not achieve with WhatsApp: that someone did not come "from outside" to take away the business

Ricardo and irregular private classes


Ricardo is an unemployed teacher, and gives private classes in English, mathematics, physics and chemistry. He has worked in academies, but for a long time he has been free. Normally he teaches ESO or Bachillerato students, but during final exams, he also does university groups.

When we ask you for the number of Bizums you receive, Ricardo says that only with the students who have had this end of the year divided into shifts, he stays very close to 60, "and I also use the service for personal payments," he mentions. In this case, we were struck by whether he had not had problems with the bank when he entered so much, and he told us that at the moment he did not. It is yet another case, irregular and with much larger numbers than María and Josema, and that will also have to find another way to teach.

Possible solutions

As we have seen, the cases of Josema, María and Ricardo are not the most common in society, but taking into account that Bizum is already used by more than 15 million people, there may be other people who from now on, without having a business, have these problems. Come on possibilities.

  • If you are a professional and until now you used Bizum, Check with your bank how to continue being able to receive payments from the business, although it will not be free.

  • Use alternatives to Bizum such as or Verse, which allow you to take the money from the bank to the account without paying commissions.

  • Change the way you use Bizum to receive payments. If, for example, you receive recurring payments from the same people, like Josema with football, instead of being sent four payments a month, they send you one of a larger amount and it is solved. Another possibility is that there are more people who receive these types of payments, and then they are transferred to the final recipient. For example, Maria could say to send money to her mother, and then her mother to send it to her. Goodbye complications.

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