If you don't use it anymore, Gallery Go is a lighter gallery app

Doomsday for unlimited free Google Photos storage is here. Some people have decided to pay, others will endure for the duration of free storage, and some will stop using Google Photos to switch to an alternative. The latter will have to ask themselves a question: Without backup, is Google Photos a good gallery app?

Google Photos is the leading application for mobiles with pure or not very modified Android and the truth is that if we remove the online functions based on the backup in the cloud, it is too heavy an app to use as a gallery. If you have abandoned Google Photos as a backup service, Gallery Go is a good, much lighter alternative.

Google Photos as a gallery app: can be improved

Traditionally, Android phones came with an application to view photos called Gallery. This is still the case in many layers of customization, but officially Android gallery app is now Google Photos.

The best photo gallery apps for Android

Google Photos as a gallery application is functional, although it could be said that it has a few buttons left over. The biggest confusion appears in the mix between photos saved on the device and in the cloud. Basically the old-fashioned gallery feature is just part of Google Photos, and it's a bit hidden.

Photosenelddevice Photos on the device are just part of Google Photos

Although when you use Google Photos without the backup, the section of Photos on the device is displayed directly in the tab library, remains quite a heavy application if it is only going to be used to see the photos we have on the mobile.

Google Photos eats up mobile storage and as a gallery for those saved locally, it can be improved

The application itself occupies a little over 100 MB, but the problem comes with the data, which can easily exceed 1 GB and without having any option to be able to set a maximum limit beyond wiping the data from time to time. In return, a lighter application like Gallery Go weird will be that it exceeds 100 MB adding the application and its data.

Spacephotos Storage space used by Gallery Go (left) and Photos (right)

Without using Google Photos backup, we lose most of the cool features app, such as auto creations, smart search, or memories. On the other hand, basic functions of a gallery such as viewing your photos and mobile albums or folders quickly and easily, become somewhat more cumbersome.

Gallery Go, a simpler and lighter gallery

With all of the above, if you have decided to stop using Google Photos for your backups, it may be a good idea stop using it also as a gallery app. There are a lot of lighter alternatives out there that do basically the same thing, but in a lighter way and taking up much less space on the mobile.


If you want something similar, but lighter, Gallery Go comes to be a spin-off of Google Photos offline. There is no backup, there are no online functions and it has everything you expect from a gallery application: view your photos and albums, being able to make small adjustments and improvements.

Gallery Go -or another light gallery app- is the same, but without backup or online functions

If you have decided to leave Google Photos behind forever and switch to any other lighter gallery app, don't forget to erase Google Photos data to free up the space it occupies. It is not necessary to disable it completely, although you can also do it if you want to prevent it from continuing to update periodically.

Gallery Go from Google Photos

Gallery Go from Google Photos

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