If you are looking for the perfect wallpaper, take a look at the explosion of color in Camila Nogeuira's illustrations

The Perfect Wallpaper is one of my favorite series of articles to write because not only does it allow me to share the work of graphic artists that I love, but it also helps me discover new talents in search of pretty art to use as wallpaper, and sometimes even to buy a lithograph.

This time I bring you an illustrator and graphic designer from Portugal who live in the city of Porto. Camila Nogueira has a beautiful portfolio loaded with Highly colorful illustrations that are great to use as wallpaper.

Pleasant environments full of details

Starlit Principal Medium

Camila Nogeuira

Camila works as freelancer creating illustrations for a few commercial projects, and even designing album covers. On your personal website and portfolio you can find and download some of his works, just like on your Behance profile.

This artist combines pastel colors very well with even more than one bright color, and the result is an atmosphere that is very pleasing to the eye with illustrations full of beautiful details.

Ljubljana Main 1

Camila Nogeuira

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If you like her work, you can follow Camila on Twitter or Instagram where he also shares his work. In addition to this, it also has an online store where you can buy anything from prints to puzzles with these illustrations.

If you find the resolution of the images very low, you can always use the faithful and flawless waifu2x tool to double the size of almost any image without losing quality. There is even an app for Windows. The method works wonders.

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