Ibai Llanos is banned from Twitch because a guest on his channel showed his ass for a second

Ibai saw it coming. Yesterday afternoon, while "streaming" (broadcasting), he assured that he would be banned from Twitch. The reason? That during one of the battles that he broadcast over the weekend, one of the participants showed his ass, something forbidden on the platform.

Quickly, according to Ibai on Twitter, he realized what was going to happen in no time and yelled "Noooo". Late, the damage was done and he knew that in no time his account would fall for a reason as silly and unfortunate as that.

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This was the moment in which they said live "Friend, you have passed. Now Ibai Llanos is banned from Twitch"

Ibai says his three bans were through no fault of his own


As the famous streamer has continued to tell, It is not the first time something like this has happened to him. Specifically, it is the third, and according to him, it has always been due to causes external to him. "People have the power to ban you on Twitch." He regretted that L-Gante, the Argentine cumbia singer, was going to his house today.

The rules are to be complied with, yes, but it is not understood that for something as small and innocent as showing an ass Twitch can ban the second Spaniard more often on the platform. In addition, Ibai assures that other times the account has been returned to him later than he expected due to errors in the platform.

His followers do not understand the existence of this rule, when recently Twitch has created the category of Hot-tubs, where asses are not shown in the air but with bikinis that cover very little. Twitch's argument may be, yes, that Hot-tubs is a category for it.

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Besides Twitch, It is not the first time that Ibai has problems with the rules of the large platforms. YouTube temporarily withdrew one of its famous Selectivity videos because a user previously uploaded to its channel and denounced Ibai when he uploaded it to his.

From Genbeta we have contacted Twitch Spain to learn more details about the ban and the company's position, and we will update when we have a response.

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