how to watch EURO 2020 matches online for free

This year, like the previous one, is an atypical year. We are in 2021, but the pandemic has caused us to celebrate the Euro 2020. Hence it is being called the Euro 2021Although it is not entirely accurate, but it is logical.

This is the sixteenth edition of the European tournament of national teams and, in addition to the dates, it will also be special because of the headquarters: whole Europe. For the first time, the final phase of the Eurocup will be hosted by different cities on the continent with the aim of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the competition.

Euro 2020, the UEFA EURO 2020 to be played in 2021, can be enjoyed openly in Spain through the Mediaset channels and its Mitele platform

In this article we want to give you the keys to be able to follow this Eurocup for free and totally legal being aware of the meetings between the European national teams, up-to-the-minute information on concentrations and news, which this year will not be few entering the game the coronavirus and, of course, all the results of this classic world football competition.

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How to watch Euro 2021 online

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This time, in Spain the broadcast of UEFA EURO 2020 will be provided by Mediaset. The group to which the Telecinco and Cuatro channels belong, They will be in charge of broadcasting in free - that is, free - all the matches of the competition that takes place from June 11 to July 11.

And it is not only on television that you can see the Eurocup ball rolling after five long years of waiting: Mitele, its on-demand television platform over the internet, will be in charge of broadcasting the matches over the internet. A platform prepared to be used from a computer through the Mitele website, as well as mobile phones or tablets thanks to the applications for Android and iOS that will allow us to follow the meetings from anywhere.

Spain opens on Monday June 14 against Sweden at 9:00 p.m.

Turkey-Italy will be the opening match of the Eurocup and can be seen this Friday from 9:00 p.m. The Spanish team shares group E with the teams of Sweden, Poland and Slovakia And if you wonder when Spain plays in Euro 2021, you should know that the three matches that it will play in the city of Seville, at the La Cartuja stadium, have already been defined.

La Roja will premiere on Monday, June 14 at 9:00 p.m. playing against Sweden. The next match will be played on Saturday June 19 at the same time against Poland and the last of the group stage will be played on Wednesday June 23 at 6 pm against Slovakia.

Soccer and other sports can be seen better on our televisions - these are the settings that will help us achieve this

We will see if Spain manages to qualify for the round of 16 and in what position it does, since this circumstance will determine the date that the selection will face against its rival. In the event that the Spanish team wins first place, the match would be played on Tuesday, June 29; if she was second, on Monday, June 28; and if she was third, on Sunday June 27th.

Zapping with our media player


Viewing Teledeporte in PotPlayer. On the right of the screen the (long) list of chains.

If we do not like to watch TV in the browser or depend on mobile applications, also we can make use of the TDTChannels 'database' viewing the channels in our favorite multimedia software.

You will only have to go to the Github page of the platform, copy the link to the M3U / M3U8 list of your choice (TV, Radio or both) and resort to copy & paste in the 'Open URL' option of your generalist multimedia player (like VLC or PotPlayer, for example).

Eurocup calendar


And to finish, we leave you the entire calendar of the Euro 2020 of this 2021, with all the dates of the matches of the final phase, compiled by our companions from Espinof. In addition, you will be able to see on which television and in which city each game is played.

Group stage

Friday June 11

  • Group A: Turkey - Italy: 21:00, Rome on Telecinco and

Saturday June 12

  • Group A: Wales - Switzerland: 15:00, Baku in Cuatro and

  • Group B: Denmark - Finland: 18:00, Copenhagen in Cuatro and

  • Group B: Belgium - Russia: 21:00, Saint Petersburg on Telecinco and

Sunday June 13

  • Group D: England - Croatia: 15:00, London in Cuatro and

  • Group C: Austria - North Macedonia: 18:00, Bucharest in Cuatro and

  • Group C: Netherlands - Ukraine: 21:00, Amsterdam on Telecinco and

Monday June 14

  • Group D: Scotland - Czech Republic: 15:00, Glasgow in Cuatro and

  • Group E: Poland - Slovakia: 18:00, St. Petersburg in Cuatro and

  • Group E: Spain - Sweden: 21:00, Seville on Telecinco and

Tuesday June 15

  • Group F: Hungary - Portugal: 18:00, Budapest in Cuatro and

  • Group F: France - Germany: 21:00, Munich on Telecinco and

Wednesday June 16

  • Group B: Finland - Russia: 15:00, St. Petersburg in Cuatro and

  • Group A: Turkey - Wales: 8:00, Baku in Cuatro and

  • Group A: Italy - Switzerland: 21:00, Rome on Telecinco and

Thursday June 17

  • Group C: Ukraine - North Macedonia: 15:00, Bucharest in Cuatro and

  • Group B: Denmark - Belgium: 18:00, Copenhagen in Cuatro and

  • Group C: Netherlands - Austria: 21:00, Amsterdam on Telecinco and

Friday June 18

  • Group E: Sweden - Slovakia: 15:00, Saint Petersburg in Cuatro and

  • Group D: Croatia - Czech Republic: 18:00, Glasgow in Cuatro and

  • Group D: England - Scotland: 21:00, London on Telecinco and

Saturday June 19

  • Group F: Hungary - France: 15:00, Budapest in Cuatro and

  • Group F: Portugal - Germany: 18:00, Munich in Cuatro and

  • Group E: Spain - Poland: 21:00, Seville on Telecinco and

Sunday June 20

  • Group A: Italy - Wales: 18:00, Rome

  • Group A: Switzerland - Turkey: 18:00, Baku

Monday June 21

  • Group C: North Macedonia - Netherlands: 18:00, Amsterdam

  • Group C: Ukraine - Austria: 18:00, Bucharest

  • Group B: Russia - Denmark: 21:00, Copenhagen

  • Group B: Finland - Belgium: 21:00, St. Petersburg

Tuesday June 22

  • Group D: Czech Republic - England: 21:00, London

  • Group D: Croatia - Scotland: 21:00, Glasgow

Wednesday 23 June

  • Group E: Slovakia- Spain: 18:00, Seville

  • Group E: Sweden - Poland: 18:00, St. Petersburg

  • Group F: Germany - Hungary: 21:00, Munich

  • Group F: Portugal - France: 21:00, Budapest

Round of 16

Saturday June 26

  • 1: 2A - 2B: 18:00, Amsterdam

  • 2: 1A - 2C: 21:00, London

Sunday June 27

  • 3: 1C - 3D / E / F: 18:00, Budapest

  • 4: 1B vs 3A / D / E / F: 21:00, Seville

Monday June 28

  • 5: 2D - 2E: 18:00, Copenhagen

  • 6: 1F - 3A / B / C: 21:00, Bucharest

Tuesday June 29

  • 7: 1D - 2F: 18:00, London

  • 8: 1E - 3A / B / C / D: 21:00, Glasgow

Quarter finals

Friday july 2

  • CF1: Winner 6 - Winner 5: 18:00, St. Petersburg

  • CF2: Winner 4 - Winner 2: 21:00, Munich

Saturday july 3

  • CF3: Winner 3 - Winner 1: 18:00, Baku

  • CF4: Winner 8 - Winner 7: 21:00, Rome


Tuesday July 6

  • SF1: Winner CF2 - Winner CF1: 21:00, London

Wednesday July 7

  • SF2: Winner CF4 - Winner CF3: 21:00, London


Sunday July 11

  • Winner SF1 - Winner SF2: 21:00, London

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