How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Kodi and why it may be better than doing it in its official applications

As we have already told several times in Genbeta, one of the best features of Kodi is being very modular and flexible thanks to supporting addons to expand its functionality. We have talked about the addon to watch Netflix on Kodi, the addon to watch Disney + on Kodi and the addon to watch HBO on Kodi, which is the most useful considering that the platform is not on devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Today we are going to tell you how to watch Amazon Prime Video on Kodi and what advantages does it have compared to doing it in its official applications or on the web.

How to install the Amazon Prime Video addon on Kodi

To watch Netflix on Kodi 18 Leia or Kodi 19 Matrix, the first thing we will have to do is download the Sandmann79 repository on GitHub. This is the link for Kodi 18 Leia and this one for Kodi 19 Matrix. Once the .zip file has been downloaded, we will have to install it on Android, Windows or macOS like other repositories or add-ons, choosing the option "Install from a .zip file" in the "Add-ons Explorer".

Amazon Vod

Installing it from repository we make sure that the Prime Video addon will update automatically, so that if something changes we can continue using it. Once the repository is installed, we will have to look for the option "Install from repository". At that time we will choose Sandmann79, and by choosing the addon "Amazon VOD", we will be ready to use the service once it is installed.


How to set up Amazon Prime Video on Kodi

Log in

Once we have installed the addon, Kodi will ask us to install several more dependencies before letting us see Prime Video content, as it happened with Netflix. First it will ask us to install the Inputstream Adaptative addon, and then Widevine CDM. Both are very important, and the second is the one that will allow us to view HD content, because without it there is no DRM.

Unlike other platforms on Kodi, To log into our Prime Video account, we will have to go to the add-on settings, and in 'Connection', look for the option of 'Login'. There we will be asked to enter our credentials and we will be ready.

Additionally, in Settings - General - InputStream plugin settings - I have activated "Override DHCP Status"to make playback possible on Mac. The same may be true on other platforms.


As with most addons, with Amazon VOD on Kodi we forget the aspect of Amazon Prime Video on the web and in official applications, although we will access all Prime Video sections, our lists and even the channels.

Why do I watch Netflix, HBO, and Disney + on Kodi instead of their official Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, or Nvidia Shield TV apps

However, we win, for example, with respect to the browser, the possibility of having Dolby Digital Plus sound. On Android devices such as the Chromecast with Android TV or the Xiaomi Mi Box S, Kodi gives Prime Video the ability to synchronize the refresh rate and frames.

The ability to edit subtitles in Kodi 19 is also better than what Amazon offers for Prime Video, and instead of having to search for the content to continue watching every time we enter the platform, Kodi allows us

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