How to use Clubhouse on Android and everything you can do with the app

How to use Clubhouse on Android and everything you can do with the app

The trendy social app has been officially on Android for a few weeks now and can be downloaded: Clubhouse opens the door to everyone who wants to communicate by voice. Rooms to expose any idea, participation in the clubs, ask questions and much more: Clubhouse is a perfect platform for those who appreciate live podcasts.

Clubhouse is one of those applications that ended up arousing curiosity because of its approach to voice chats. Not only that, it also created a certain need since, being exclusively for iOS, the app was made to beg until it landed on Android. After the release of the application it has already passed two million of downloads on Google Play with an average of 4.3 stars, a testament to the interest aroused by the platform. But what does it really offer? Let's see.

How to open a Clubhouse account for Android

Clubhouse Android

The voice chat platform is operational on Android, although, for now, it has a drawback: Clubhouse It only allows access to those who already have an account or, at least, to those who have an invitation. This barrier will be removed shortly as the company confirmed that Clubhouse will soon be available to anyone ('general release' for summer). We just have to wait.

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As soon as you install the application, it invites you to register and log in. The key element to do this is the phone number: Clubhouse uses this number as the account identifier. In addition, a username is required: this is chosen once you log in for the first time.

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Let's go through steps: this is how you create an account in Clubhouse for Android.

  • Open the app and select 'Get your username'if you don't have an invite (someone who is already in the Clubhouse can invite you) or'Have an invite text? Sign in'if you already have an account or invitation.

  • Enter your phone number. It must be authentic, Clubhouse will use it to identify you and also to send you access codes.

  • Enter the code that will have arrived by SMS.

  • If you already had an account, you will enter your space without problem. In the event that someone has invited you, you can directly select the nickname. And if you do not meet the above requirements you will have to wait for Clubhouse to add you as a user. The latter should not take too long.

  • Once you have chosen your nick you also need a photo. Then you will find yourself inside the Clubhouse.

  • Choose the topics that are most interesting to you so that the application suggests related rooms.

Selecting the topics that appeal to you is important because Clubhouse will use your tastes to recommend related rooms. If you do not select them at the beginning you can always edit them from the options of your account

The platform is organized based on audio rooms, like group conversations in applications such as WhatsApp. You can create a new room (Room) or join those who are in full conversation. The idea is that anyone can communicate by talking to others and listening to what others have to say.

The 'Rooms', the meeting space for countless themes

Clubhouse Android

We have established a parallel between WhatsApp groups and Clubhouse Rooms, both conversation modes are similar (saving the distance). Many people can participate (around a maximum of 5,000), the moderators have control of the roomsTo speak, you have to raise your hand and experts on the subject that the 'Room' is about usually intervene in the conversation.

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Clubhouse is not complicated to use since everything revolves around the concept of an audio room. Each room is like a live podcast where you can not only listen to the presenters and guests, you also have the option to intervene at any time by pressing the hand icon, the one that appears to the right of the lower menu. The moderators will let you through when they see fit and always if they want to.

The conversations in each room are unique and cannot be shared as a recording as Clubhouse is ephemeral: all the audios disappear and no copy of what has been spoken in each 'Room' is preserved (unlike voice chats in groups or Telegram channels).

In Clubhouse everything you hear disappears: audio rooms are ephemeral, you must enjoy conversations as they occur

Clubhouse will recommend rooms based on the topics you have selected as related. If you want to find other 'Rooms' that are broadcasting, you can click on the 'Explore' icon: the application will offer you more suggestions. And if, even so, you don't get too many rooms to participate in, You can modify your interests from the profile settings, within 'Interests'.

Clubhouse Android

The audio will play the same as if you were listening to Spotify or your mobile player: sounds in the background and also with the screen off. There is no option to pause the audio, nor to fast-forward or rewind it: everything you hear in the Clubhouse is broadcast in real time.

That you got tired of listening to a Room? You can leave it at any time and without anyone knowing: just click on the 'iconLeave quietly'. And to another room. Or to the silence, that there is a lot of life outside the Clubhouse.

Clubs, organizations to follow for different topics

Clubhouse Android

If the rooms or Rooms are the audio conversations themselves, the Clubs are the organizations where different Clubhouse users come together to create a community around a topic. Cat clubs, travel clubs, to learn a language and so on ad infinitum: anyone can join a club in order to be informed of their upcoming talks and find friends interested in the same topic.

Clubs are important for locating like-minded users in Clubhouse. Just do a search within the app (top icon of the magnifying glass) to locate a multitude of related communities. And the good thing is that the platform is so popular that there is a remarkable variety of clubs in Spanish. It is worth signing up to those you deem appropriate.

Clubhouse Android Next club event

For example, you can learn languages ​​in the communities that are dedicated to teaching them, there is also the option of practicing the language since you can intervene in their Rooms. Or imagine you are planning a trip and want to talk to locals: find that destination, find a related club and ask directly in their talks; or contact the users who are signed up to the club, they can surely give you recommendations.

Communicate what you want, there will always be someone wanting to listen to you

Clubhouse Android

The magic of Clubhouse is that the platform offers an open space for anyone to communicate their ideas, their knowledge, find people similar to their tastes and even find friends to talk to via Clubhuouse or outside of the app. All using the voice and with an app so easy to use that in a few minutes it takes practice. Even if, for now, it is only in English.

What do you want to create your own room? Click on 'Start a Room' select 'Open' (open to anyone), 'Social' (with friends and users who follow you) or 'Closed' (with the Clubhouse contacts that you choose manually). At the moment you will be broadcasting for those who want to listen to you; having the option of moderating the interventions and inviting whoever you want.

Clubhouse Android

Clubhouse is a very practical app for those who want to communicate with their voice. By cons, it may seem useless to the rest of the people: Either you like the audio or you won't appreciate Clubhouse. The middle ground does not exist with this platform.

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat

Clubhouse: Drop-in audio chat

  • Developer: Alpha Exploration Co.
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Social

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