How to listen to a voice note on WhatsApp before sending it

WhatsApp allows options like changing the speed of voice memos, but still doesn't let you let's listen to them before sending them to a contact, so there is no way to know what exactly we have said in the audio before sending it. Luckily, there is a simple trick to achieve this, while the app implements (or not) this function officially, as rivals such as Telegram already allow.

We are going to show you how you can listen to WhatsApp voice memos before sending them to your contacts, since it is a fairly simple, but unknown trick that allows us to enjoy this function, although WhatSapp does not officially incorporate it.

So we can listen to voice notes before sending them

Officially, WhatsApp has no implemented method to leave the audios in the chat for prior listening, a simple option, but not available.

Listening to WhatsApp voice notes before sending them is possible through a very simple trick

Fortunately, Through a simple trick we can listen to the audios before sending them to our contacts. By doing this process we will ensure that the audio remains saved in our conversation, ready to be reviewed, sent or deleted, but without being sent to the contact until we want.

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Open any chat and start recording the audio.

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You just have to open the WhatsApp conversation with your contact and start recording the audio. While you're recording audio, go back to the desktop or back. You can do it through the virtual keypad or through the gesture system of your mobile, if it is modern.

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Go to the desktop and reopen WhatsApp. Clever.

Now, you just have to reopen the WhatsApp application (we have left to go to the desktop). When you reopen it, you will have the audio message in standby, with a play icon, a send icon and a delete icon.

You can repeat the process as many times as you want: record the audio, return to the desktop when you finish recording it (by pressing and holding the record button) and reopen WhatsApp. It is a process that does not take more than a few seconds and that will allow you play voice memos on WhatsApp before sending them.

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