How to launch apps and fast payments with the OnePlus fingerprint reader

We are going to show you how you can launch applications and manage fast payments with the fingerprint reader under the screen of your OnePlus mobile. It is a fairly unknown option that allows OxygenOS in its version 11, and whose performance is outstanding. OxygenOS 11 comes loaded with features, and this is one of the best.

All you need is to have your OnePlus updated to the latest version available and that your model has an under-screen fingerprint reader, as in recent models such as the OnePlus Nord CE 5G, since we are going to carry out the process by means of a long press on it.

The fingerprint reader of your OnePlus hides functions

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OxygenOS, despite being a fairly clean ROM, has an overwhelming amount of customization options. Among them, we find the function of launch applications, shortcuts and quick payments using the fingerprint reader. To configure it, you must follow these steps:

Quick Start Oneplus

  • Open your OnePlus settings

  • Go to the 'Utilities' section

  • Click on 'Quick start'

  • Activate the function

  • Click on 'Shortcut settings'

  • Configure to taste

This function, as its name suggests, manages the quick launch of the applications that we want making a long press on the fingerprint reader, when the mobile is locked. We can add shortcuts to applications and their functions.

For example, we can manage quick access to Bizum, to battery settings, to directly create a task in our tasks app and practically everything we can imagine.

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