How to know who has accessed your Google account and what you can do to avoid it

Are you worried that someone has accessed your Google account? The company stores a considerable amount of information, it also allows you to view this data and see all the devices that used the account, also the apps and services. We teach you how to spot intruders and how to protect yourself from them.

In general, no one would have to access your Google account since it is protected by a password that only you would have to know. You can even double-factor it to make it more complicated to use. But, since there can always be an error, it is advisable to take a look at the device history to make sure that there are no intruders with access to the account. In a process that is carried out in a few steps and that provides great security.

Check the device history that only yours access

History Google Devices

Every time someone starts a new session in your Google account, the company alerts you to the email while records the access and the device with which it entered. Therefore, the device history is the first step to discover if someone else is using your Google account: at a glance you will know which mobiles, tablets or computers have unauthorized access.

I have looked at all the data that Google has on me, and I confirm that it is the definitive Big Brother

Google's security options offer everything you need to secure your account. Among these options is the device history (or activity), the fastest way to find out what has used your account without permission:

  • Enter this page of Google. It doesn't matter whether you use your computer or your mobile.

  • Login with your password.

  • The activity of the devices will show the one you currently use (Google marks it as 'This device') as well as the rest of them that have access to your account. Everyone can access your private information.

  • Analyze all devices and locate those that you do not know: Google will tell you when was its last access, in which app I log in, you can locate it remotely and close the session so that they do not access your data.

  • Our recommendation is that you log out of all devices that you are not currently using. It costs nothing to insure.

With the device history you will know who logged in, when and from what apps. Now, it is not the only way to enter your data since you will have granted access to services and websites thanks to the Google login. All these companies can obtain your data, everything will depend on the amount of them to which they have access. Even they can control your account if they have full access.

Google Apps History

It is advisable to clean the list of apps, web and services frequently. This is what you should do:

  • Access this link from your mobile or computer and log in with your Google account.

  • Review each application one by one and make sure that they only keep the most reliable.

  • Click on those you want to delete and then click on 'Withdraw access'.

  • Do not trust yourself and revoke the permission of all the apps you can, especially those that have full access to your Google account.

Apps, websites and services can access the area of ​​your Google account to which they have requested permission. This implies that they can obtain that information whenever they want, without you knowing and even if they don't really need it. Paying attention to the list avoids many scares.

How to prevent access to your Google account

You found out that someone gained access to your account and you want to kick them out. Or, simply, you need more security for a space that literally stores almost everything of you. Well, these are our tips:

  • Analyze the history of devices and delete all the ones that you no longer actively use.

  • Do the same with the applications that have access to your account: have no mercy. If you need to use one in the future, you will already log in.

  • After the two previous steps, it is time to change your password. Choose a password that is strong, that has letters, numbers, symbols and capital letters.

  • Activate two-step authentication for your Google account.

  • Check your device and app history frequently and get access to everyone you can.

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