How to install Netflix on Kodi for Android and advantages of watching it from there

Kodi is such a complete multimedia center that it also allows the playback of Netflix movies and series. Do you want to install the platform in the Kodi app on your Android? We teach you how to do it and what are its advantages, also the disadvantages of use Netflix on Kodi.

Few applications offer us as much entertainment as everything that Kodi offers, either thanks to the additions included in its repositories or with those created by other developers for the platform. We can access DTT channels, have access to YouTube within Kodi and even streaming platforms such as Netflix can be integrated into the media center. And it can be more useful than directly installing the service application.

The entire Netflix catalog accessible from Kodi

Kodi Netflix

With the add-on from Netflix for Kodi you will have the entire catalog on your Android, whether it is mobile, tablet or Android TV. In this way you will access your account without having to install the application; thereby obtaining some advantages, also disadvantages.

How to install Kodi on an Android TV without using the Google Play Store

The added o add-on We are talking about it is developed by Stefano Gottardo for Kodi versions 18 and 19 (you must choose your version). It is a complement that opens the door to Netflix to play content the 'Kodi way': if you like the interface of this player you will appreciate having the Netflix catalog adapted to your style.

To make use of the add-on, you must bear in mind that it is a add-on what found outside of the Kodi repositories, with the security risks that this implies. Of course, the plugin is safe, it is open source and it is audited in terms of security and privacy.

Let's see how to open Netflix from Kodi:

Kodi Netflix

  • Open Kodi, go to settings, go to 'Add-ons' and check 'unknown sources'. It is recommended that you also choose the automatic updates ('Install updates automatically').

Kodi Netflix

  • Go back to the Kodi homepage and select 'Install from zip file'. Choose the zip repository you downloaded.

  • Ready: once you install the add-on, you have everything ready to play Netflix from Kodi.

Kodi Netflix

Open the add-on and log into Netflix with your account. The plugin is secure and uses encrypted connections, but there is always the risk that the password could be lost: enter your credentials at your own risk.

Once you have logged in, you will have the entire Netflix catalog as if it were the content saved from your Android: as a lists with menus and categories accessible at the touch of a button or by scrolling with the remote control. And all content can be played instantly with one touch; with the option to change subtitles, audio and much more.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Netflix on Android

Kodi Netflix

It is not the most practical since the Netflix app is visual to a greater extent, but that does not mean that Kodi loses advantages. We have found the following:

  • Everything in the same app. If you already use Kodi for your own content, you can add Netflix so you don't have to switch applications. You save space on your Android and it can be more comfortable for you.

  • Playback can be smoother than in the app. As our colleagues from Genbeta detail, Kodi allows you to adjust the refreshment of the screen to the fps of the content.

  • You can mark as many bookmarks as you like. This is a really handy feature, especially if you like several specific points in a movie: you can mark them as favorites so that you can return to them whenever you want. The Netflix app only remembers the point where the playback left off.

  • You can adjust the zoom, orientation, perspective ... from the video settings.

  • You can amplify the volume. From the audio settings, Kodi allows you to amplify the volume in order to hear it louder than what the Netflix app allows.

  • Kodi does not play Netflix in HD or HDR if your mobile is not compatible, but it can open the door to the platform if the official application is not found in your application store.

Not all are advantages since, obviously, it also has its negative side. There is the messier interface, for example (this is relative, especially if you've already gotten used to Kodi). What's more, with the add-on you can't download the content to your Android, with the official app yes.

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