How to follow Euro 2021 and be aware of results, line-ups, goals and everything that happens

On June 11, the Euro 2021, UEFA EURO 2020 that is played this year is because of how the COVID pandemic forced everything to move. In Genbeta we have already told you how to watch the entire tournament online for free, as well as the most probable winners of the tournament according to 100,000 simulations made with AI.

Today we are going to tell you how to be aware of everything that happens in the tournament and not miss anything, from lineups to goals, through calendars and match announcements. Let's see all the tools and channels at our disposal.

EURO 2020 website, official applications and Twitter


As in every major event of this type, UEFA has a website dedicated to monitoring the competition. In it we can see analysis of the 24 participating teams. We can consult all the events of the tournament, with results, venues, dates and times of each match.

There is also a very interesting statistics section to track the number of goals per game, the games played, accuracy of passes for each team, possession, etc. There are also player statistics, and we can, for example, sort by goals scored or by maximum speed reached.


The fastest running players in the tournament so far.

As for the more logistical part, in "Matches and results" we can see the calendar of the competition, and the most interesting thing is that we can create a personalized calendar that we subscribe to and that, for example, is added to our Google Calendar.

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It's something that we can do from the button "Add to calendar", choosing at that time which selections we want to have on our calendar. After selecting them and subscribing via wrong, we can install with a WebCal link or with one that we import into Google, Outlook.


If you want notifications about the game itself, the most interesting thing is to install the official application for iOS and Android. This application will ask us if it can send us notifications and, in relation to this, in addition to allowing us to add to the calendar of our smartphone, it will also be able to notify us of everything that happens in the games that we want to ring the bell.

The applications are also ideal for watching videos of the goals and the best plays, because unfortunately, the official Twitter account of the tournament does not offer videos of the goals for rights. UEFA has a very different policy from that of the NBA on social networks, and forces you to go to its domains to see what happens live. Other social networks with a lot of presence of content from Euro 2021 are Instagram, with its official profile of EURO 2020 and Tiktok, which is an official sponsor.

To avoid complications, Google


Typing "Eurocopa" "Eurocopa 2021" or "Euro 2020" in Google, the search engine will show us its widget dedicated to the tournament, with increasingly detailed information. There is a "Matches" section where we can see results and schedules of upcoming matches, as well as everything about matches already played.

If you want to see the goals of the games when they finish, Google is the most direct route to summaries.

In that sense, Google in Spain links to the Mediaset websites to see all the goals of the tournament, so finding the videos of the goals will not be difficult once the matches are over. Google also offers a "Statistics" section, although the truth is that it is very far from, for example, the statistical information that UEFA offers on its website and official apps.

More useful is the other section, 'Classification', which shows not only how the groups are doing, but the last 5 games played. Of course, there is no lack of news or player information.

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