How to deactivate the autocorrector on an Android mobile

The mobile autocorrect is very useful to automatically correct small errors when writing, although it can play tricks on us. If you prefer that the mobile does not automatically correct what you write, all you have to do is disable the autocorrect.

Automatic correction is a function that in Android depends on the keyboard application, so we will tell you how to disable autocorrect on the two most popular keyboard apps: Gboard and SwiftKey.

Disable autocorrect in Gboard

Gboard is Google's keyboard app and is the keyboard app that comes with most Android phones, either because they have pure Android or because their layer does not include its own keyboard. In addition, it can be installed on any mobile by downloading it from Google Play.

Gboard vs SwiftKey: in-depth comparison between the two most popular Android keyboards

Disabling Gboard's auto-checker is pretty easy, although you do need to find the option and its settings. There are several ways to enter the Gboard settings, but perhaps the fastest is to do a long tap on emoji key to show buttons with shortcuts, one of them (the gear) to go to the settings.


In the settings, go to the section Spell correction Y uncheck the AutoCorrect option. Gboard will continue to suggest corrections in the top bar of the keyboard, but it will not apply them automatically. These are the necessary steps:

  • Make a long tap on the emoji key

  • Press the options button (the gear)

  • Go into Automatic correction

  • Deactivate Auto correction

Disable autocorrect in SwiftKey

Another quite popular keyboard app is SwiftKey, which has been owned by Microsoft since 2016. SwiftKey is quite similar to Gboard and the way to disable auto-correct is also similar. What changes is how to go to settings, since the shortcut we used in Gboard does not work here.

To enter the SwiftKey options, you must touch the ellipsis button on the top bar. In the grid of available options, tap Settings. If you prefer, you can go to the settings by opening SwiftKey Keyboard from the mobile application drawer.

Settings swiftkey

From here, the process is almost the same as in Gboard, except that the autocorrect setting is included within the options of Writing. Enter them and deactivate Auto correction so the keyboard stops changing "wrong" words on its own.


As in the case of Gboard, Microsoft SwiftKey will continue to suggest corrections as you type and that are displayed in the top bar of the application, but it will not apply them automatically. This is the summary of the steps:

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