How to customize Windows 10 with third-party themes without having to modify system files

Hi, I'm Gabriela and maybe you remember me from series like the perfect wallpaper, or themes like the best applications to customize Windows 10. The deskmod or desktop customization It is one of my favorite hobbies in front of the computer, because it serves to give new life to the environment from time to time and seeing something different helps me with motivation and productivity.

There are many people who are not encouraged to customize Windows 10 beyond changing the wallpaper, and one of the reasons that I usually read as the main ones is that to install third-party themes you usually have to use patches such as UltraUXTheme that modify system files and they can "break things". If you are one of those people, this tool was made to leave your mind alone. Its name is SecureUxTheme or ThemeTool.

Install themes in a simpler, safer and more error-proof way

Windows Themes

List of Topics from Windows 10 Settings

SecureUxTheme is a small open source software that removes signature verification for visual styles or themes in Windows. Basically what it does is employ a new method to run themes without having to modify system files.

In addition to this, this tool fixes the problem of colors reverting to default values ​​in some Windows 10 builds after installing a theme. It is a portable app, that is, it does not need installation, and it is quite easy to use.

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How to install themes in Windows 10 with ThemeTool

Download Secureuxtheme

  • Download the latest version of SecureUxTheme from GitHub.

  • Download a third-party theme for Windows 10. My recommendation is to go to DeviantArt, especially the niivu gallery, which has some of the best themes for Windows compatible with the latest builds of Windows 10. If you don't know where to start, from This link has some recommendations and an explanation of the files it includes.

Theme Files

The files that a theme contains for Windows 10

  • Copy the files of the theme you downloaded (usually it is a folder plus different files .theme) and paste them all in the following path: C:WindowsResourcesThemes

  • Run ThemeTool.exe as Administrator (right click on the file and then "Run as administrator").

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It is only essential to check the box "Hook LogonUI" and click on patch

  • Check the boxes HookLogonUI and click on Install. Restart Windows.

  • Run ThemeTool.exe again as Administrator

  • Select the theme you want to use from the list on the left (The one with the files you pasted into the Windows theme folder).

  • Click on Patch and Apply.

  • Enjoy.

If after applying the theme you have trouble opening Windows Settings, simply run ThemeTool.exe again. Make sure to uncheck the box Hook SystemSetting and click Uninstall. Changes to the theme are not reversed when you do this.

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