How to check electricity prices on Android to save on the bill

Today the new electricity rate comes into force, with new hours and eliminating the previous hourly discrimination to introduce three sections for all users of the regulated market. We are going to tell you how can you check the prices of electricity, something that will allow us to save on the bill, since we will know exactly how much the kilowatt is going to cost us in each hour of the day.

We are going to tell you two ways to check the price of electricity, the first through the best application there is to carry out this query and, the second, through a Telegram bot that works flawlessly.

Check the prices of electricity with RedOS

Light Prices

RedOS is the application of Red Eléctrica de España, where we can check what the prices of the day will be, those of the next day and the previous ones, to be able to compare. The app is completely updated, so it already includes the new prices of the new 2.0 TD invoice.

The app gives us the data on the price, hour by hour, both for the current day and the next, starting at 8:15 p.m. (when it is officially published)

When opening the app, we only have to click on the prices to access the graph. In it, we will see what are the prices every hour, something even more useful than knowing the sections. For example, we can know how much electricity is worth at 10 in the morning, and how much it will vary at 11.

In the same way, if we are a little more curious, we can know the real-time demand forecast for the day, information on power generation and more. The app it's completely free and you can download it from the Play Store.



The prices of light with Photovoltaic Bot

Photovoltaic Bot

In the event that you use Telegram, we recommend Fotovoltaica Bot. First, the bot allows us to see the prices of the regulated market and will send us a message when the next day's are available. The bot sends us a message with the breakdown, hour by hour, of the price that the light will have. In the same way, it will give us the average of the day, month and year, so the data is quite complete.

Comparison of electricity rates: key concepts to save on the electricity bill

In addition to this data, the bot allows us calculate the amount of our electricity bill, show production values ​​and other data. All for free and easy. Knowing the price of electricity every hour will help us avoid the most expensive hours, even more precisely than knowing the bands.

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