Google Pay begins accepting cryptocurrencies as a contactless payment method thanks to Coinbase

Contactless payments have long been gaining ground to other payment formulas and became especially important after the pandemic, as hygiene measures relegated physical money to the background. Now it is normal to pay with your mobile or with the watch, and Google Pay is among the most used services.

Google's payment system has now taken a significant step forward by incorporating Coinbase into its accepted payment methods. This means that we can choose add our Coinbase card to the service and start paying with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin) directly with our mobile phone or from a watch with Wear OS.

Pay with cryptocurrencies from your mobile

Although at the moment it is an initial test closed and originally launched in the United States of America, some chosen users of Google Play are being able to add a Coinbase card to the payment methods accepted by Google Pay, as well as the payment methods also accepted by Apple Pay.

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency wallet that allows us to store our photos in different digital currencies, so being able to add Coinbase to Google Pay means that Google's payment service begins accepting cryptocurrency transactions. And we are not talking about being able to send or receive cryptocurrencies from other users but directly to pay with them in establishments.

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In order to join this program, both Google Pay and Apple Pay are requiring their users have a physical Coinbase card, which can be requested from the following link. Once we have it, we can configure it as a payment method through Google and Apple Pay, define, within Coinbase, with which cryptocurrency we have stored we will make the payments.

As we say, for now this new payment system is being accepted only in the United States and perhaps it is a field test before launching the functionality to the rest of the planet. We will have to wait for the course of events to know when we will have this option activated in other parts of the world.

Via | 9to5Google

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