Google Maps already shows the location of traffic lights in Spain

During the past summer we learned that Google maps started to show the location of traffic lights on their maps, but as expected it was only released in the United States with the hope that sooner rather than later it will arrive in our country.

Well, that day has finally come. Google Maps is already showing traffic lights in Spain. Now when exploring their maps we can see the location of each of the traffic lights that are in each of their streets and highways.

Traffic lights on Google Maps

Google Maps Android Traffic Lights

This novelty does not have much mystery. Now when enlarging a map we can see a small traffic light icon to show us the position of these light signals to regulate traffic.

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This icon only shows the location of a traffic light, it will not show us if the traffic light will be green, amber or red, since just indicating its presence is enough to be attentive to the traffic light that we will find during traffic.

The traffic light warning is practical for identify if a hold is caused by an accident or a traffic lightThus, when calculating the route, we can decide at which traffic lights we want to avoid.

Google Maps shows the location of traffic lights too during navigation, although this feature seems not to be fully activated yet, because it currently only works during cycling and walking navigation. In car navigation it still does not show the traffic lights but it is expected that this will be fixed in a few days.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

Maps - Navigation and public transport

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