Google is trying to make it easier to recover groups of closed tabs in Chrome

The organization of tabs by groups has undoubtedly been one of the biggest changes in recent years in Google Chrome. It came to everyone with Chrome 83 more than a year ago, but we were able to test the functionality in an experimental version already in 2019. An important change as the tabs themselves were in their day.

Months later, with Chrome 87 launching last November, came automatic grouping and With the latest version of Chrome Canary, which has been available for several days, a new step is making its way with a major improvement. It will be easier than ever to resurrect eyelashes.

The latest experimental feature of Google Chrome allows you to save the names and organization of closed tabs


Submenus for tab groups in Chrome history

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The last function the Mountain Viewers are working on, as detected by a Reddit user, is save the names and the organization of the tabs when we close them. A very simple and very effective way to easily recover tabs that we have closed.

This functionality We found her behind a Chrome Flag. That is, we must activate it manually to be able to test it. We will go to our Chrome Canary installation, which as we know we can have it independently of the installation of a stable version of Chrome, we will execute it, we will write chrome://flags in the address bar and we will enter. Once in the configuration of the flags, we will search Show app menu history sub menus flag and we will enable the feature.

Although we can test the feature in Chrome Canary, nothing guarantees that it will end up launching in a stable version of the Google browser

Once this is done, Chrome will list the groups of tabs that we have closed in the History submenu, in addition to the menu dedicated to recently closed tabs, which will allow us to resurrect groups much easier and faster. We will retrieve them at the same time and without having to browse the history in search of them.

Like all these experimental features, the functionality has ballots to end up being a definitive feature that one day ends up being released for everyone in a stable version of the browser or not.

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