Google Fit will allow you to track your blood glucose and pace your walks

The application for monitoring activity and health Google fit has started updating as of today to the version 2.57 (APK) without news for the moment, but its source code if that hides two new features that Google could activate in the next few days.

Google fit is preparing to improve the monitoring of our health, adding a new feature that is sure to be very well received by people with diabetes, and another new feature perfect for people who go for a walk or run.

Blood glucose

Currently Google Fit allows us to track our heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, weight and hours of sleep. Well, soon we will also be able to carry out a blood glucose monitoring.

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The Google Fit source code hides this future feature, allowing the user to manually enter your blood glucose levels so that you can see the evolution of your levels over the days, weeks and months.

It is expected that in the future devices for measuring blood glucose compatible with Google Fit will arrive on the market so that the data dump is automatic. The first bracelets or watches with blood glucose measurement are expected to arrive this year.

Walk to the beat

The second novelty that the source code of Google Fit also hides is a feature called "Walking to the rhythm", which seems to be a kind of "metronome" That will allow us set a rhythm to our walks. What this feature will offer us will be four sound effects with different tempos so that the user can choose the rhythm that best suits their speed. So you can go more consistently.

It is unknown when these two news will arrive at Google Fit. As they are already in the source code, they should not take long to arrive. Maybe Google will activate them via server when the update has reached the whole world.

Via | XDA-Developers

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