Google Files already has its own recycle bin in Android 12

Since Android 11, applications have easier to add their own trash function. One of the first applications that was expected to take advantage of it was Google Files, something that it already does in Android 12 Beta 2: Google Files already has its trash.

Until now, when you deleted a file with Google Files, a warning reminded you that it was an irreversible process. That does not happen in Android 12, where deleted files go to the trash and can be recovered for 30 days.

30 days to recover your files

In Android there is no central trash can, but there are many applications that have their own trash, to rescue items that you have accidentally deleted. Google Files is now one of those apps, at least in its version for Android 12. It is foreseeable that sooner or later the novelty will also be activated for those who use Google Files on Android 11.

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The Google Files Trash is active by default, so you don't need to do anything. When you delete a file in Google Files, it goes to the trash instead of being erased forever, as it used to be. The application itself alerts you to this.


The big difference is that what is deleted is not really deleted and you can recover it. From the side menu of Google Files you can see how much does the bin occupy at that time and enter to see the files that are in it.

In the trash section you will see the files that are in purgatory and a notice indicates that the files will be automatically deleted after 30 days. You can see in each file how much is left for it to be deleted.


With each file or group of files, you have three options: leave it as it is and delete it when the time is right, press Restore to bring it back to life or press Get rid of to erase it forever.

Google files

Google files

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