Fossil will not update its watches to the new Wear OS, but it does prepare the Fossil Gen 6 for this fall

The American fashion company confirms it, its current Fossil smartwatches will not receive the new Wear OS, which will be available with the new Gen 6 after the summer.

Not without time to do it, and after having forgotten his operating system for wearables For many months, the truth is that during the past Google I / O 2021 the Mountain View company was finally shaking the tree of a Wear OS platform that will receive important news already during this same course.

As important as a completely redesigned interface, and above all an agreement with Samsung that to everyone's surprise will lead Tizen to integrate directly with Wear OS sharing platforms, in addition to the inclusion of Fitbit services in the operating system itself.

Fossil Gen 5 watches, water resistance

The Fossil Gen 5 watches, probably the most attractive in the catalog at still affordable prices.

It was logical then that after such an announcement some manufacturers were eager to show interest, starting with Samsung itself that directly confirmed that the Galaxy Watch4 will use Wear OS entering the scene briefly in the keynote of I / O 2021.

And now it's Fossil who advances his work with Wear OS, because the American fashion firm, perhaps one of the most involved when it comes to launching quality smart watches within the Google platform, has just announced, according to CNet colleagues told us that there will be no update to the new operating system for any of your current watches, not even the Fossil Gen 5, but confirming in passing that two years later They already work on the Fossil Gen 6 thinking about what's new in Wear OS.

WearOS is completely renewed at Google I / O 2021 with these interesting news

It was logical that due to the inaction of Google, no news appeared of hardware in recent times, but it is also spurred by the important improvements and the appearance of such an important player as Samsung relying on the Mountain View platform, let's see in the coming months many smartwatches with Wear OS from various firms.

It is already official then that Fossil's New Gen 6 Family Coming in Fall, and also that he will do it taking advantage and presenting in passing all the improvements that Google and Samsung will introduce in a Wear OS finally much more promising:

All the software benefits that Google is talking about and that will be released with the unified platform are something that we will also integrate [en los Fossil Gen 6].

A repositioning is therefore expected for all the current range of Fossil that will surely lower your prices, keeping minor updates but without accessing the unified platform between Tizen and Wear OS. This new firmware would be ready for Gen 6 in the fall, already competing with the Galaxy Watch4 that should arrive throughout the summer.

Regarding the novelties of the Fossil Gen 6, they are expected new chipsets with improved performance, especially energy taking advantage of Google's implementations in this sense in the system, adding more advanced physical and health monitoring functions and LTE connectivity for the most performance models. It even seems that Fossil could reach agreements with operators to offer its watches in their own catalogs. carriers telecommunications.

Be that as it may, there is time and we will probably see more news of the new Wear OS as your arrival dates get closer, and sure too We will meet more rivals from other manufacturers that we will be presenting you in Andro4all ... Do not disconnect in summer that will be loaded with news!

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