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Bizum changes its conditions of use as of today, with new conditions of use that reduce to less than half the maximum number of transactions received: they go from 150 to 60 for all the banks adhered to Bizum.

We are going to explain to you what changes in the new terms of use, as well as to give you some alternatives to Bizum, in case you want to explore new possibilities that do not limit the number of operations you can receive.

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You can only receive 60 Bizum operations per month


Today, June 15, the new conditions of use of Bizum come into force. There is only one change in the new policies, although it is quite relevant. To date, a total of 160 Bizum could be received on a monthly basis, that is, they could send you money 150 times a month through the app.

You can continue sending Bizum without limit, but only receive 60 per month

From today, this number of operations is reduced to 60, less than half than before. It is important to note that this change only influences the operations received, not in the Bizum that you can send. These continue without limits, so you can send money without regard, taking into account that the recipients can only receive money 60 times a month.

The new conditions affect all the banks that operate with Bizum and, as detailed by Bizum itself, this is how the new limits now remain after the arrival of the new conditions of use.

  • Minimum amount per operation: € 0.50

  • Maximum amount per operation: € 1,000

  • Amount of operations received per client in one day: € 2,000

  • Number of operations received by a client in a month: 60 operations

  • Number of operations issued by a client: unlimited

  • Maximum number of recipients to include in a multiple request / shipment: 30 recipients

  • Duration of pending shipment to a Non-customer: 2 days

  • Duration of the pending request to a Non-client: 7 days

Alternatives to Bizum

Despite this change, Bizum continues to be one of the best alternatives to send money for free and without commissions. Nevertheless, we are going to tell you what are the main alternatives to the service, so you have a choice if from now on it falls short.


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PayPal continues to be one of the giants when it comes to receiving and sending money. With this application we can send and receive money without limit, and we even have a method to pay in establishments using QR codes. In the same way, we can even send a link to our contacts so that they can send us money.




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Revolut is a neobank that allows us to send money instantly to our contacts. One of its strengths is that we can send money in more than 30 currencies, the application itself making the automatic conversion, provided that we do not exceed an amount of 1,000 euros per operation.




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Something similar happens with N26, one of the best neobanks of the moment. Through MoneyBeam, your service to send money, we can send and receive without limits. You simply enter the amount of the transaction and the person receives it.

N26 - The Mobile Bank

N26 - The Mobile Bank


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Verse is another of the most popular apps for sending and receiving money between friends. In fact, has a calculator to divide expenses and make shipments quickly. The balance that we send through Verse reaches the bank account automatically.

Verse - Payments

Verse - Payments


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Finally, we will tell you about Twyp, the Bizum alternative by ING Direct. It is a service that allows you to send and receive money quite simply, and it even has integration with Google Pay to make payments in stores.

Twyp - Mobile payment for everything and everyone

Twyp - Mobile payment for everything and everyone

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