download the lottery app that has distributed several prizes

Starting today you can download the full version of TuLotero from Google Play.

Try your luck playing the lottery, especially in Christmas seasons or special dates, it is a hobby shared by millions of people.

However, for some time the way of buying and playing has changed, and a large percentage of players do. digitally through applications, being TuLotero one of the best known and best valued on the market.

TuLotero on Google Play.

Download TuLotero on Google Play.

Up to now, with TuLotero one could check and manage their tickets from your mobile, also accessing dozens of extra functions the sea of ​​useful. He joins them this month a very special novelty: TuLotero is already available in Google Play in full, and now it can buy lottery directly from the app.

By downloading the TuLotero application, in addition to buying and managing your numbers, you will be able to see the results of all draws. In short, a unique, easy and accessible experience anywhere for play the lottery from the palm of your hand.

The advantages of using TuLotero

The goal of TuLotero is none other than to make our lives easier when it comes to playing the lottery. The application has a very simple interface, with all the necessary menus to make us a comfortable and pleasant experience. The latest results, our tickets, the management of our account and the money we have invested are always at your fingertips.

You can check the results of the games from your mobile or from your computer. Downloading and configuring the app is very simple: it is associated with your phone number, has a quick registration, has no commissions and you will have notifications with the results of your plays every day.

In addition, you can play with total peace of mind, since it is a 100% secure application, with tickets processed by official administrations of the State Lottery and Betting network.

The advantages of using TuLotero

These are some of the advantages when playing with TuLotero.

And if you are one of those who like to play with friends, In TuLotero you can create groups of up to 100 people. In addition, it is one of the best that you can find in Google Play, and we do not just say it, but the more than 2 million users who use the application and their note of 4.8 on Google Play.

Download TuLotero on Google Play

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, until before this month of May, the TuLotero application that we found on Google Play it did not allow to buy lottery directlyIf you wanted to do it, you had to download the TuLotero APK from the official website. However as of today, you can now download the full version of TuLotero from Google Play and its updates in accordance with the new Google policies.

TuLotero in available Google Play.

TuLotero is compatible with any Android mobile and tablet.

To celebrate this great little novelty, if you download the app from Google Play and register as a new user, by entering the code andro4all21, you will get 1 euro gift, which you can use to participate in the draw of your choice.

Download the TuLotero app before Thursday 4 June to have the opportunity to participate, for example, in the EuroMillions BigFriday super jackpot with 130 million euros to the first prize.

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