Chrome for Android is testing a new customizable shortcut in the address bar

Through the previews of Chrome we discovered that Google wants your web browser to be more customizable. The company is adding a new shortcut in address bar that would be adapted to the user's use.

This is a feature that would arrive in a few months to the stable version of Chromeas long as they don't back down with this new shortcut. It would not be the first time that a Google cancels a feature that they were testing for months, as it happened last year with Google Duet, that the lower navigation bar did not leave its experimental version.

Direct access in the address bar

Currently, the address bar in Chrome for Android offers the "Home page" shortcut, which is to the left of the address bar, but we will soon have another shortcut to the right of the address bar, much more customizable.

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The new shortcut in the address bar has been released in Chrome 92 Beta and its customization options in Chrome 93 Canary, but it still does not work correctly, something normal when dealing with versions still in development.

Chrome Shortcut Toolbar

By default this new shortcut will adapt to our use. It will show the action for a new tab, share or voice search depending on the one we use the most when browsing.

In Chrome Canary at Settings> Shortcut on the toolbar It already allows us to activate / deactivate this new shortcut, in addition to being able to select the action that we want it to always show and not depend on our use.

To activate this configuration in Chrome Beta we have to activate in its experimental functions the flags chrome: // flags / # adaptive-button-in-top-toolbar and chrome: // flags # adaptive-button-in-top-toolbar-customization. After restarting we will be able to customize the shortcuts, but as in Chrome Canary they do not finish working correctly.

Via | Android Police

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